Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small Town News

Grandy doesn't get a chance to read her little local paper very often. It comes in the mail every couple weeks and let's face it, Grandy isn't exactly up to speed on checking her mail and what collects in it.

As I was catching up on a couple issues today, I was reminded of the fact that although the paper only has 20 pages to it, there are at least 4 pages combined of ads, 4 pages of news (including focus spots on the local high school sports programs), it's always a great place to find a calendar of events, and then there are TONS of editorials.

Between letters to the editor, "columnist corners", and whatever else strikes these folks, it is pretty comical. You've got to love an angle from an old Legion Commander, and his thoughts on how the young folks should be doing things. Then there's the "other thoughts from the hill", where we have an old hippie promoting the legalizing of pot. Oh yeah, I live in a cool place.

What really struck me was this little outburst. It's not in the "Letters to the Editor" section, not in the Editorials, nor is it mixed in among all these "columnist" rantings. It was simply titled, Special Traffic Notice!, and it read:

Well, While traveling 60 mph on Foresthill Road the other day, a lady insanely ran out of passing lane trying to zoom around me. She had to go into the oncoming traffic lane to make it and then gave me the one finger wave for being in her way. Is this the Foresthill behavior we all want to display to the world? It is my observation that it is ALWAYS a well dressed woman attempting murder to save 3 minutes on the drive to the freeway. Husbands...could you please bring this subject up in your house before we all have to attend some woman's funeral?


While the person that passed him is not THIS well dressed female, I find it amusing that he not only recognizes he was going 60 MPH in the section where the passing lane exists, thus not allowing her the opportunity to pass. He would also probably be the same individual that drives 40 mph where the speed limit is 55, and then guns it when we do have the opportunity to pass, so we cannot.

The irony that he thinks he is making a plea for our "safety" by asking our husbands to have a little chat with us is hysterical.

Just goes to show ya folks, we small town people can have our idiots in the media as well.


Deanna said...


Ok, I'm back to my usual Queen of Decorum self now, in my June Cleaver dress and spike heels, dusting rag in hand, dinner in the oven, all 6 children lined up, spit-shined, and waiting for Father to return from a long day of work.

Dwayne G said...

Working in Oroville last week replacing the crash cushions on Hwy 162 median below Hwy 70 overpass we had both left-turn pockets closed but kept the onramps open. Drivers could turn around somewhere ahead double back & take the ramp. I noticed a strong contingent who refused to follow the traffic control & made the left across the closed lane to the ramp, sometimes against a red light. From what I saw, the moron drivers did not follow any set pattern. Stupid does not discriminate from age, gender, type of car, or car age (brand new to old beater). The one trait I could distinguish were the cell phone violators (women, and men contractors mainly).

Grandy said...

Deanna~ I knew you would love it, when I saw your interest peaked. LOL!!

Dwayne~ Stupid does not discriminate. You are right. It's not sexist or racist, it's just everywhere!! :)