Monday, November 22, 2010


Grandy would like to apologize to all her NABLOPOMO folks for not fulfilling her monthly obligation to posting every day.

The writing joints are less rusty than they were two weeks ago when this mission began, but time got away from Grandy this past week.

Here's my promise...Not every day...but this blog will no longer go as long as it had gone without a post (I think it was about a month with the longest we had gone without a post).



Mike Golch said...

Stuff happens.I hope that you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Quirky Jessi said...

Nudge. Careful now. I just looked at the date you posted that promise, the date of your last post, and uh, today's date. *poke*

Grandy said...

Jessi~ You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! Funny thing is, I haven't even checked my personal email in FOREVER and (ahem) didn't see your comment until just now. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! LOL!! Thanks for the nudge...and the poke. ;)