Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blogging Community

In looking at my blog track record, I see that today's post surpasses the posts I've put up in the last 2 months. Quickly gaining on the last 3 months.

As I spend some time revisiting some blogs I frequented from the beginning, I remember that this blogging thing is far more than just a hobby to express my thoughts, but it was a sense of community that I had established with other people all over the world.

We check in on each other, and witness life events with them. Good and bad...this blogging thing is a "community". Our kids grow older, our parents get sick, our lives are changed. We share this with OUR community.

Since blogging, I watched as one fine woman prepared for her wedding, and had her first child. I checked in on her today and her boy is getting big, and she is expecting child #2 soon.

Another blogger had been creating a diary of her son's first year. She had funny anecdotes about how she and her husband worked through the first year. I peaked in on her today, only to learn that in year number three, she and her husband are splitting. It breaks your heart.

As someone who connects with people on all levels, I'm reminded that the main reason I had stepped so far away from this blog, was because I was stepping back from opening up. No reason to do so, as I see that all my old community has not done the same.

So far, I'm grateful for NABLOPOMO, in that it's bringing me back "to the family", so to speak.

Thank you all, for still being around in one way or another. I'm making the rounds to say my hellos. :)


Christina said...

While I am not NaBlo-ing this year, I do remember that is where I connect with many cool people in prior years :-) I'm definitely glad to see you back out here in cyberspace!

Mike Golch said...

keep up with fellow blogger is a great is a great community.

April said...

Awww, glad you're "stepping back" into the blogging world! I was busy and admit I barely read/commented for most of Hunter's first year but I missed it too much. Just like you, I LOVE checking in on everyone and seeing where/how they are doing. :-) Thanks for visiting me again!!!

Travis Cody said...

I know what you mean about community. I see it daily as I post and then in the evenings as I make rounds. And I see it in my Google Reader, with all the inactive blogs I should probably delete, but I don't because you never know when they might come back.

Lidian said...

It is great to see you back! :)

Grandy said...

Awww...thanks everybody! Good to be back.

Christina~ I'll spare you...just come see me every day.

Mike~ It truly is!

April~ You know you're the one I referenced who is NOW on baby #2, right? :)

Travis~ I hear ya. I am afraid to delete them too. There's a reason they made it there in the first place. ;)

Lidian~ Thanks lady!! :D

Jennifer said...

Hey lady! I did the same thing for quite a while, and now I'm realizing that writing my way through all that was happening might have been the better choice. I'm having fun catching up with everyone, though, and it's great to see you again.

Kelly O said...

You're so right. I love watching the arc of people's lives, and my own, too.

Grandy said...

Jennifer~ YOU TOO!! Do I still have your blog linked properly in my blogroll? I will have to come see you for sure! Welcome back!!

Kelly O~ Your kids are getting so big! I've actually missed checking in on their growth. *sniff*