Sunday, November 14, 2010

The moment when Grandy cries - #52,673,102

So you have probably guessed that Grandy tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. There aren't many surprises from Grandy, when you want to know how she's feeling. My demeanor, or my words, will let you know how I'm feeling right away.

There are moments when Grandy wants to cry. It may not be because she's sad, necessarily. It may simply be when she's feeling overwhelmed, over-joyed, or just plain OVER-over. Regardless of how I'm feeling, sometimes these real moments just hit me.

Yesterday, my son and I are driving back from the bank. Grandy reminds him that now that football is over, he is REALLY going to have to focus on his grades. Really. REALLY-Really. (Wonder if he got the point).

Then the following conversation happened:

Him: Oh, by the way, the Principal came in to Biology on Friday and said she just hired a permanent substitute teacher for the class.
Me: Why?
Him: I guess that her husband has been fighting cancer for a while, and it's not looking good. Meaning...He's Dying.
::Grandy's chest begins to feel heavy::
Him: Yeah. She teaches two biology classes and an anatomy class. All the students got together and decided we would collect money to send him flowers and a card.
::Totally choked up now::
Me: ::fighting back tears:: Do you need money then?
Him: No, I gave them all the money I had.
Me: ::full on crying now::

Him: Oh yeah...but can I have some lunch money?
Me: ::still crying...but nod my head::
Him: Are you alright?
Me: MmmHmmm...::tears gushing down face::
Him: Should I have NOT told you?
Me: No! Why would you ask that?
Him: I just know that it's kinda something that hits so close to home for you.

DONE!! Crying...close to sobbing...Grandy is a mush pot.

This teacher is brilliant. She is young, vivacious, and married with two young children. The thought of her losing her husband at such a young age, and facing things on her own with the kids, saddened me.

I have a dear friend who is a teacher, brilliant, young, vivacious and married with two young children. She is battling a very aggressive form of breast cancer. This must have been what made me react the way I did. I couldn't figure out why I cried so much.

I tell another girlfriend about the episode, and she pretty much summed it up as any man would have, "Are you getting ready for your period?"

PERPETUALLY!! When emotion cannot be explained by any other means...blame the monthly visitor. All better now.

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songbird's crazy world said...

I'd be crying too, Grandy. and you wouldn't be able to blame hormones in my case.