Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grandy Needs...

In an effort to make sure Grandy doesn't run out of ideas to blog about, as she puts some WD-40 on the rusty writing joints, she knows she will need to utilize a couple memes to keep things fresh. Considering some of these readers are new to Grandy, it's a good learning opportunity...even for Grandy.

Staci, over at Just Bloggled, ran this meme the other day. The rule is you run a google search on "your name + needs". She had some interesting hits with her first name, they were pretty good. The thought of using my ever-popular first name for such a search was a bit overwhelming, so I of course decided to do a search of "Grandy + needs".

Here goes nothing...top 10 things Grandy Needs (in David Letterman format):

10) Grandy needs SPHERICAL BRANDING: Really? Grandy is a little afraid of what that is, and did not branch further into clarification of that.
9) Grandy needs to sit: Well...DUH!!
8) Grandy needs a day off: Several...MANY
7) Grandy needs a real job: THIS Grandy understands that need...
6) Grandy needs to be on the big stage, in the big apple: A lifetime ago, that was my big dream.
5) Grandy needs a good dose of prozac: Now that must have been written specifically for THIS Grandy, who knows me in real life.
4) Grandy needs to be GRANDER: I'm TRYING people!!
3) Grandy needs a prophylactic: Well that's a bit personal...don't you think??
2) Grandy needs ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET: Absolutely!!!
1) Grandy needs to take one for the team: Been there...done that...tell the team to STEP UP!!

So...this is what GOOGLE thinks that Grandy needs, huh?


So folks, tell me what YOU need. :)


Anonymous said...

ally thinks she needs a DRINK! LOL girl you kill me, so glad i signed up for your daily blog! LOVES IT

Grandy said...

Ally DOES need a DRINK...with GRANDY!! :)

Quirky Jessi said...

I searched using "Quirky Jessi" and came up with some goofy results, mostly from my own site. I apparently need a quirky halloween costume, to look cool, and to pay to kiss feet.

Not asking, lol.

Grandy said...

How's that feet thing working for ya Jessi? LOL!! :)

Quirky Jessi said...

So far, not so good. I tried getting people to pay me to kiss their feet or to let them kiss my feet, thinking I was clever to make a profit off it, but no such luck. Then I tried paying people to kiss mine and that didn't work either. Nobody loves my quirky feet payment needs. :(

Grandy said...

Yeah...Quirky...perhaps you should run another Google search, and let go of the feet option. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy