Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In the post script of Monday's post, Grandy mentioned she was on crack.


No wait, I remember now.

You can probably tell that Grandy has been sucking slacking a bit in her frequency of blog posts. Writing has usually been a healthy way for Grandy to release her tension, frustration, silliness, and whatever other mood she's feeling. For about the last year, I have struggled with the expression. This blog is now 3 YEARS OLD, and I didn't even memorialize the blog-versary.

Well, soon after this blog began, I joined my first month of NaBloPoMo (which stands for National Blog Posting Month). You must post every day for the month of November. I think somewhere there's prizes, but I never worry about that (nor do I care). What that first round did for me was encourage me to just get out there and write. I'm excited to see what I come up with, but most excited to have something positive to focus on!!

So readers...are you ready?????????


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