Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Stuff

Apparently there is an unspoken code among the male population. There are things about the "guy" act that perplex me. My husband and my son...GOD LOVE THEM...they are one and the same.

Watching my son with his friends...they are the SAME WAY.

Junk ball? REALLY? Where is the fun in throwing a ball at another "guy's" junk FUN?

We women don't walk by each other, punch each other in the boobies, and say RIGHT ON!! We don't even think of such a thing. NOR do we think about hitting men in the balls (unless they really deserve it for something of course).

Why is it okay for "guys" to walk by each other and PUNCH EACH OTHER in the junk?

I will never understand why this is alright, or acceptable.

Don't EVEN get me started on the "MAN UP" code that tells a kid to ignore what a doctor says, in order to not be eliminated from the playoff game.

This conversation ACTUALLY took place tonight:

Fubby #2 (very close friend of mine, and this is his actual nickname): What the hell happened?
Ty: Hurt my shoulder.
#2: HOW? Were you goofing off in class?
Ty: Not exactly, but was playing a game in class.
#2: Why are you wearing the sling? What are you, a panzy?
Ty: My MOM made me wear it.
FUBBY: Why the hell did you listen to your mom? MAN UP KID!!

None of the "guys" knew I was standing right behind them.

I had to walk away. Fubby will hear about this later...but alas...I fought the MOM urge to kick the two FUBBYS in the junk myself.

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