Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Benefits of B12

There many benefits to getting your daily B12 vitamin.

Grandy is pretty deficient in B12, so she supplements with an injection. The rule of thumb (or the prescription) says that Grandy should take a GINORMOUS needle amount every two weeks, via a garden hose for dispensing.

Grandy loves it when she can get the shots injected on a regular basis (aka as prescribed) but because of the size of the needle, she will not let FUBBY give her the shot. It scared her when over a year ago the pharmacist cringed when I mentioned the possibility of letting Fubby give me my injections.

Her: How were you going to administer the shot?
Me: I take daily shots of insulin, I should be able to do this.
Her: Oooohhh...no. Not with THIS needle. This needle is your every day variety "garden hose".
Me: Huh?
Her: My husband tried to give me a shot with this sized needle before, and he thought for sure he was playing darts.
Me: Nevermind.

So, needless to say, Grandy finds others (in the nursing field) to administer the shot. Scheduling said shot administration was a horse of a different color. When I did see my girlfriends or my sister, I never had it with me. It got to a point where the shots were coming every 2 months, as opposed to every 2 weeks. My energy level was really suffering.

Grandy is trying to get better at this, and trusting more people to give me the shot (still no Fubby) while making it a point to get the shot. I think there's a noticeable difference in my energy level, considering I'm not taking the dose I need to get me OUT of the negative category.

One bad thing about the B12, and having friends administer it for you?

My friend came over at about 8:00 to give me my shot. It's now 2:00 AM, and Grandy is already writing a post for the day, because I CAN'T SLEEP!!


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