Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WTF Wednesday - Safety Warnings

Grandy can't tell you enough how many times she has had to remind herself, "Grandy, you MUST be smarter than the machine."

Although this reminder seems to help me through the immediate moment (that and a good swift kick of the machine) I can't help but think that a sign like this would go far in the world.

Think of the revolution we could start...
  • At the slurpee machines: When you think you've stopped in time to make it stop spewing out, only to have Mount St. Helens all over your hands.
  • At gas stations (where the air pump things are): Just when you think that even the smallest car in the world parks within an inch of its life to the air pumps, and yet the hose is still.not.long.enough.
  • Drive-Up ATMs: Don't get me started on the braille thing (that's a different post all together). Wait...Do you think the sign would come in braille?
  • Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers: Really... Grandy tends to be the one that punches those things because her "wave" just won't register.

What piece of machinery do you think could use one of these signs? I'm sure there are many more out there. Grandy's just drawing a blank at the moment.

Maybe we should post the sign on my laptop.


Anonymous said...

Automatic flush toilets in public facilities. Either they flush while you're still on them (which is very uncomfortable and icky) or they don't flush at all and then you don't know what to do. You can't leave the stall. You try waving your hand by the light thing. You try sitting down again and getting up. You try dancing around the stall. No flush. Now what???

Jen said...

What XUP said. Nothing worse than having it flush while you're still using it.
Aside from that vending machines that don't let go of the goodies and you have hit the damn thing until you get "TILT" and some short woman in a blue smock comes by and wags her finger at you and then doesn't give you your money back or your Snickers.

Joyce-Anne said...

I have to agree with XUP. OMG those self flsuhing toilets are the worst. Plus, when they do finally flush it's so loud that it sounds like it's going to suck the whole stall down. And, that is just freaky.