Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it safe here?

Grandy has only been doing Facebook since February. Since that time, there have been a few little hiccups in the "friend" department, but nothing that Grandy couldn't handle.

There was one girl who was not really ever very nice to Grandy as a kid. Why does she want to friend me now? That's odd. Not thinking much of it, I went ahead and accepted her. I just don't pay any attention to her when she shows up on my home page.

A few weeks ago, however, there was another "friend" who was updating her status with a huge diatribe about how one of her "friends" was slamming her all over facebook. I knew who this person was, never liked her, but kept my mouth shut. In fact, this person kept showing up on my "friend suggestion" list, and I purposely would avoid her. My sister, on the other hand, commented on one of the diatribes, and ultimately got sucked into the high school drama. Talk about your total he said/she said (trust me on the weirdness of this one).

So yesterday it happened... Grandy goes into her Facebook and finds a friend request. ::jaws music playing:: it's HER. It's the one that started it all. Facebook says we have 47 friends in common... GOOD LORD! Grandy wants nothing to do with this person, and actually is steering clear of the other one too, but doesn't know what to do.

If Grandy ignores the friend request, she will most certainly know. If not...she's stuck.

Any tricks out there for kindly ignoring folks? Many of my blogging buds are masters at all things Facebook and Twitter (haven't gone there) and Grandy looks to you for advice.

What's your vote? IGNORE?? Will you protect me if I do and she's mad? I'm pretty sure this one, and there aren't many, could kick my butt. I'm just sayin'.


Kelly O said...

I would totally just ignore it, and if it ever comes up (it won't), pretend you didn't see the request. ;)

Deanna said...

And herein lies a major dilemma in social networking sites, eh?

I would just ignore it. My philosophy is, if I couldn't stand talking to them in real life, I'm not adding them to my Friend List, cause they aren't my friend. And if they ask me why, and it's the right day, I could possibly see myself telling them why. (Which would REALLY get me smeared in someone's status updates, most likely!) ;-)

Wiggy said...

Hey Grandy! Long time no visit :( I'd say totally ignore the friends request, that way you won't get drawn into any of the drama

Mike Golch said...

Me I feel safer here in blog land rather than facebook and or twitter.I got an nasty comp[uter virus from one of theose two.

Christina said...

Ignore. No need to add that drama to your life and I *seriously* doubt anyone who you ignore is going to have the gonads to confront you about it either online or in person.

I've been on Facebook for 3 years now and done my fair share of ignoring - even un-friended a few - with no repercussions so far.

Suzanne said...

Ignore the request. I've got two in my box right now that won't ever get approved.

One was not a nice person to either me OR Joyce in HS, so the request is rather strange. I suspect she's thinking that if she friends me, then she'll have access to my brother. (the one I'm not speaking to, LOL!)

That said, there have been a few people that I'm glad I buried the memories of the past and accepted the requests. This woman doesn't sound like that is likely!

If you need a Facebook Security Force, let me know! ;)

Joyce-Anne said...

I wish I could ignore friend requests, but haven't. Please don't be a wuss (like me) and ignore the request.

Bridge said...

It is hard... I've come to accept them as a friend and then later defriending them. If they ever ask why I will just say it must of been an accident. I really didn't mean to defriend them. /wink I must of clicked on the wrong person...

I've been hiding a LOT of people lately though.

Jen said...

Ignore her. I get friend requests denied all the time and I'm sure it is only because they missed the invite.

Anonymous said...

The "Ignore" button will be a better friend to you than she will!

The Mother said...

One cannot "kindly" ignore. One can only be unkind while ignoring.

But do it anyway.

Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

Hmmm.... I've actually ignored friend requests--YEP, I have. Just ignore it, Grandy. Keep your peace of mind and your FB experience will be much more fun and enjoyable! :-D


Grandy said...

Kelly~ Good call!

Deanna~ I like the way you think, thermos lady!!

Wiggy~ I've MISSED YOU!!!

Mike~ That's a bummer.

Christina~ My hero!

Suzanne~ My own secret FB service? Right on! ;)

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ No wuss here. ;)

Bridge~ How do you keep track?

Jen~ I didn't ignore YOU!!

Dory~ Well said!

Mother~ You are so wise. ;)

Michele~ You have too? Alright, it's done!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wouldn't put up with that drama in real life, so I certainly wouldn't put up with it on Facebook. I choose ignore.