Sunday, September 27, 2009

Celebrating Even the Smallest Successes...

Grandy's recent celebration for the work win, was unfortunately pretty short lived. Regrettably, there's just so much going on in Grandy's head, and her heart, that makes it difficult to truly celebrate big things.

I suppose that would be a good thing that works in my favor in sales. You don't celebrate the big win for too long, before you are already focusing in on the next win. I will admit that is part of why my gears shifted so quickly, but would be lying if I said that were all.

You've seen Grandy post in the past about all that she has on her plate. You've seen me confess to the fact that her boss has referred to her as "Molotov Mary" (some truth to that). You are aware of my struggles with saying no, and thus being over-committed to every blasted thing (more truth to that). And whether or not I say this enough...Grandy is truly blessed with a lot of beautiful friends and family (all truth to that).

Let's see if Grandy can focus on some little successes in her hell other world, that might just help put things in perspective for her...

1. You will be pleased to know, that even after drinking copious amounts of wine (and even a drink called a scorpion), Grandy did not make an a$$ of herself at this event. As a matter of fact, she has managed to work 16-hour days, doing multiple jobs, and her head hasn't popped once (alright...maybe once...but not many people witnessed it). - Score 100 points for Molotov!!!

2. Another success? Grandy has resigned as the co-chair of the School's Site Council. This council wasn't a whole lot of extra work, but it was extra work and a commitment that maybe, towards the end of the last school year, I wasn't really able to give my all to. Weekly I keep threatening to quit the scouts...but I also threaten to get my lazy butt to the gym more...Grandy apparently lacks some commitment there. - Score 50 points for the SUCKER!

3. Friends...Grandy can't say enough about her friends and family. Grandy's friends are her family...and her family is most certainly her friends. Over the last few weeks, few months even, they have shown me sides of themselves that touch me so deeply. Were it not for these people surrounding me, Grandy would have popped months ago. When I posted my featured health success story from the med center's website here, I had also sent an email to all my friends and family thanking them for their support (crying as I wrote it of course).

Grandy learned about 2 weeks ago that despite all the crap misfortune going on, her health is still where it needs to be. - Grandy scores PRICELESS points!!!!

::yep...Grandy is crying again::

We are winding down 2009 (and what a hellacious year it has been) and it's looking good that her New Year's resolution of "NO ANESTHESIA OR -OSCOPY" could come to fruition. Grandy had kissed good-bye to SUCK-IT08 and rang in BRING-IT09 with focus. Looking back, maybe I brought this year upon me by sticking my chin out and saying...I CAN TAKE IT. ACK!!

Hmmm...This will make Grandy pause and seriously contemplate what phrase she coins for 2010. PAY-ME10? BLOW-ME10? We'll have to give this more thought...

For now, as Grandy struggles with what she feels like is an elephant balancing on dental floss, she is going to try to focus on these smaller successes. By themselves, they may not seem like much, but when you put them all's these things together that get Grandy through the next day.

Why not share with Grandy what some of your successes have been lately? As you can see, no success is too small, but it's often those small ones that get overlooked or forgotten. Did you lose a pound? Finish a project? Land a job? Make a new connection? Let's combine all the successes in Grandy-land, and use it as a launching pad into a good week ahead.


Suzanne said...

The smartest thing I've done for myself this year (and for my family long term) is to return to school.

I vowed to get involved, and got accepted to the Leadership Society. It's a small group that serves as ambassadors for the school at various campus and community events.

The job, financial and family front is hell, but this is going right, so I will celebrate it!

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

I finally finished my mother's buffet, one of the few things I got to keep after she died that my sister didn't fight me on. My mom had the thing I swear for six or seven years and never got through redoing it. When I got it, it had chipped veneer, peeling paint, and dried paint stripper all over. It was a lot of work, but I'm proud of the result. I think my mom would be as well.

Now I just need to get a job, preferably somewhere that doesn't require me to say, "Do you want fries with that?" or "Welcome to Walmart." I would love to celebrate that success before the end of the year.

Christina said...

Along the lines of doing too much and finally shedding that issue - I'm down to just ONE youth league board as of July. Prior to walking away from that one though, I managed to get them re-set as a non profit and got all of their tax filings up to date. So it felt good to hand it over in as good a shape as it could be.

And 4 months from now I will hand over the other one - also in pristine financial standing after they fell behind on tax filings (what is it with these youth leagues? - and oh so gladly walk away from this particularly manic phase of my life knowing I really did make a difference.

Momisodes said...

Oh Grandy. It has been one crazy year for you. And a huge pat on the back for bearing the weight of so much recently.

My small feat recently. I managed to not kill myself or anyone else in the house for that matter while we've had a family visitor living with us for over SIX WEEKS!!!