Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grandy's Favorite XMas Present - 2008

The Grandy family was very fortunate again this year for Christmas. Although I did feel a bit remiss and hesitant that this year could in no way compete with last year's Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I mean...come's pretty tough to compete with this beauty:

Not to mention the fact that we got to immerse ourselves into their culture. It was a swell experience for all of us, but the lessons that Ty got from it will stay with him and made him thirsty to learn more about different cultures.

So this year, this Grandy was not overly looking forward to Christmas. Last year's trip of nearly killing myself while zip-lining through the canyons of Mexico left me feeling...well...a bit ho-hum.

Well that feeling soon faded when I discovered I needed nothing more than a simple holiday with my family. Just the 3 of us, spending quiet time together. That was all someone who spends her days running in 12 different directions, for the company, the community, and everyone in between, needed.

And in the gift department, the Grandys are together making a concerted effort to save money this year. Hubby will turn 40 in November and we've decided to save money for a trip to Alaska. So the gifts between me and Hubby were simple. While at the same time, very special.

Hubby has not always mastered the gift giving. Quite often I will open a gift, like slippers for example, and he will go into our room and get the pair he had gotten himself as well. I am truly about the thought of the gift, but when left to wonder if the thought came from meeting his needs or mine, then sometimes my appreciation is not what it should be. It may sound ungrateful, and I don't mean to be, but I like to know he thought about my little cold feet when he bought them. I don't need to wonder if he said "Ooooh, I need some of these," and figured he better get some for me too.

Call me sentimental.

So this year Hubby did something I would have NEVER anticipated. And it wasn't even just the gift that thrilled me so, it was the acts that followed the gift. He bought me this:

This is NOT a movie that Hubby would have any interest in. Oh sure, I bought him Casino Royale, because I know what a 007 Bond fan he is, but he knows I wanted to see this movie in the theatre and didn't get a chance to. AND he would have no interest in watching it because musicals just aren't his thing. But guess what...on Christmas he insisted we watch it AFTER he cooked Filet Mignon for Christmas dinner.

Thank you honey!! That is exactly the thoughtfulness that I appreciate!!!! :)



Jibber Jabber said...

I loved those shots months ago when yhou first posted them and I still love them today. I'm glad you had an enjoyable Christmas. Speaking of which, one of my sisters lived in Alaska for 12 years. In case you're wondering, she was supposed only stay for one year but you know how the story goes....

phd in yogurtry said...

Traveling is something I love and wish I could do more of, but the quiet holidays at home really are the best.

dkuroiwa said...

I would like to just go "home" for the holidays again...even Mexico would be good...Hawaii....Bali...~~sigh~~!! Those pictures are great!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That was our Christmas Day movie too!

Michele said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing. :-)

I'm not a musical fan myself but I'm glad you got what you wanted - and you're right... that was really sweet of him to buy it for you 'cause he remembered you had wanted to see it. And then to demand you watch it together - after fixing food. Wow, what a lucky gal! :-)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great Christmas shots past!!!

So funny about the slippers...many years ago, my husband bought me a sleeping bag, and a lantern for my birthday(he wanted us to go camping):0) the risk of sounding ungrateful I wasn't very happy!!!

I would love to see the movie you looks that was a thoughtful dinner and a great movie!!!

All the best in 2009

Shari Thomas said...

The pictures of Mexico brought a ton of memories back for me. In 1998 I was fortunate enough to go with a best friend and her parents to Paa Mul (south of Cancun) for Christmas and New Years.

It's a trip of a lifetime I'll never forget.

Other Christmas's have come and gone, and I've remembered some gifts with more pleasure than others, but that trip tops it all.

Thanks for stirring my memories while sharing yours.


prabakaran said...

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Jen said...

He's a keeper. And I'm sure he was thinking of your little cold feet and decided that his might be too and wouldn't you look cute together if you both wore them?

Grandy said...

Jibber Jabber~ Hey girl. Thanks! I will have to post some more. I did take some cool ones.

Phd~ They really are! We never get them anymore. Never quiet and hardly ever at home.

DK~ I know you would like to go home. That would be cool. But then would Bali.

Jenn~ Right On!! Pierce's singing was a little painful. ;)

Grandy said...

Michele~ I am lucky...and I know that. :)

Azure~ I'm glad you like the pics, bummer about the camping gear (he's done that too) and back at ya for the 2009 well wishes. :)

Shari~ Thank you for sharing back. ;)

prabakaran~ Not exactly an expert here. ;)

Jen~ Yeah yeah...I happen to know you've been drinkin'.

XUP said...

Funny how human males can still surprise sometimes, eh?

Grandy said...

XUP~ Thank goodness for that! :)

Mrs. F said...

Awww, what a sweetie pie. You are one lucky woman!

Grandy said...

Paloma~ Thanks!! ;)