Saturday, January 31, 2009


Entrecard has dubbed today as TOP DROPPER DAY, or something like that. It's a special day for all those dedicated droppers who faithfully drop their cards.

Unfortunately this is not a list you will ever see Grandy on. It's not that I don't try to stop by and see people, I just don't get to log in every day. I am a faithful follower of many sites, but I can't always drop on all my favorites. The people that have consistently dropped on me for so long are all awesome.

Entrecard has been a great way to find many different blogs. It's introduced me to many of my followers and bloggy friends. I think I'll keep it around, and hope to get to know more of you.

Thank you to my TOP DROPPERS!!!

Dropper/ # of drops
The Junk Drawer/ 31
Blog Fiction/ 28
Redhead Ranting/ 26
Behind the Bit/ 25
Orient Lodge/ 22
THE Andrea/ 22 21
Forced Green/ 21
Argo's Journey/ 20
RagingRev/ 19



Mariuca said...

Happy TD Day Grandy, glad to see u joining in the fun! :)

Mariuca said...

Dropping off some weekend love for u today dearie, have a good one! ;)

Jibber Jabber said...

Have a great TD day!

Btw, thanks for the email, I'll try your suggestion soon.

Grandy said...

Mariuca~ Thanks for stopping by lovely lady! Need to get over to your site and share the love myself. :)

Jibber Jabber~ Please tell me if it works for you. I want to know if I helped at all. :)

Dory said...

So, I, like, signed up for Entrecard or something. Or maybe it was just a free estimate for new windows. I'm not quite sure.


Grandy said...

Dory~ You're a nut!! I'll have to check out your Entrecard thingy. ;)