Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sweater Emergency

While shopping at a local retailer recently, and glancing through the clearance rack, Grandy came across the following article of clothing.

Please beware...



The fact that even one sweater exists like this, means there must be more.

The fact that there is only one sweater like this on the rack means that someone bought the others.

Why? Who? How???

Trust me... If Grandy were your friend...your true friend...she would NOT let you wear this thing outside.

Pinky Promise!!


Deanna said...

Not even if I was super skinny, and the whole Horizontal Stripes Make One Look Bigger Around concept was a good thing?

Not that I've ever been super skinny or anything...Nope, not a concern of mine. Sigh.

Suzanne said...

My eyes, my eyes! They HURT. Make it stoppppppppppp!

Mrs. F said...

Have you been shopping in the juniors section again, Grandy?

Michele said...

Geez, and I really, really love that sweater - JUST JOKING!! LOL

Another fantabulous - and very Grandy - post.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Honestly, I could see that looking cute on my daughter. Of course she's 14, 5'8 and 110--everything looks great on her.

Mike Golch said...

ks for me!Hugs mt friend.

nicole said...

Well, I gotta admit, that is one of the ugliest sweaters I have seen. LOL.

Thanks for the smile! :)

jess said...

this would be, like, really cute with some leggings. capri length, of course.

phd in yogurtry said...

Must admit, I've seen worse (hanging in my closet).

Jen said...

I actually had a sweater like that when I was about 9. It was the 70's so cut me some slack. Are the sleeves slightly ruffled?

dkuroiwa said...

Oh NO!!
And really...Where were you?
Don't go there again, okay? okay.
aaacccckkktt!! I think I had a turtle neck sweater like that back in '76...and even and stripes? No way.
Make it go away Grandy...make it go away!!

Tricia said...

I think I used to have socks that looked like that, but I promise it wasn't me who bought the other sweaters.

joyce-anne428 said...

I think you'd have to be a skinny and tall person to wear that.

Grandy said...

Deanna~ Hey girl, happy new year!!! Yeah, I'm so with you in the horizontal stripe mambo.

Suzanne~ LOOK AWAY! But only for a minute, k?

Mrs. F~ No WAY!! My a$$ hasn't seen juniors since I before I was a junior.

Michele~ Thanks girl (and so glad you were kidding or I would have sent the fashion police over to your house).

Grandy said...

Jenn~ Well yeah...there's that... but how many perfection girls read my blog?

Mike~ Hugs back big guy!

Nicole~ You are quite welcome, dearie!!

Jess~ HA!! Had to read that a couple times because I was picturing leg warmers.

Grandy said...

PhD~ Not recently, I'm sure. I just know it.

Jen~ Just slightly, yeah they were. I didn't buy it, only going off memory here.

DK~ BREATHE HONEY!! It's ok, you're safe. ;)

Tricia~ I believe you...really.

Joyce-Anne (with numbers?)~ Not even then... no sir-reee.

storyteller said...

Hahaha ... and people wonder how I could give up shopping entirely a couple of years ago. Need I say more?
Hugs and blessings,

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,congrats on the 250th have a ways to go to catch me.Wink Wink.
And Yes I am feeling beter today.

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ I do wonder how you could give it up entirely. Does the underwear last forever now? ;)

Mike~ Glad you're feeling better sir. :D