Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Changed the Rules?


Readers...It's Grandy! Blogging LIVE from the public library. I only have a minute before the pleasant lady at the desk kicks me outta here, but I could not leave without posting a few observations.

When the HELL did they abolish the rule that it was ok to TALK in here?

Really? It's not okay to yell to your friend in the magazine section, is it Mr. 40 year old bald man?

Readers...what are your libraries like? Chaos? I feel like I'm missing out on the hot new action scene here. What rock have I been under??


::MD:: said...

seems to me everywhere rules have changed. it appears rudeness and the like are the norm lately. i haven't been to our public library lately but something tells me it would be the same as yours Grandy.

Jen said...

Most of our public libraries have cut back so on their hours that I always seem to go their when they are closed. It's really sad how when there is a budget problem the first thing to go is the library and rec centers. said...

I have never been to a public library. The last time I went to a library was way back in college, the university library. While it served its function - it was a great place to hang out because SILENCE - NO TALKING please was strictly enforced.

Although, it amuses me to find some students use it as a dating place. They just grab a few books, find a place and stare at each other til they melt. Kidding on the melting part :)

Suzanne said...

I'm finding the library here and in our old neck of the woods FULL of teens, studying. Seriously! Yes, some are socializing, but most have their noses in books.

I like our library. In fact, we have a trip planned there tomorrow, since Gameboy is bugging me to go.

Grandy said...

MD~ UGH! It's a bummer for sure!!

Jen~ I know. I had homework to do though, and needed to go somewhere other than the crack house (Starbucks).

Pinoyism~ I knew you didn't actually mean melting, silly. Yeah...I liked the college library myself!!

Suzanne~ Funny thing wasn't the teens making all the noise. It was the older "grown-ups"!

Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha 40 yr old bald man it seems LOL!!!

Grandy ur new blog appeared on my adgitize space today yay! :)

Mariuca said...

You are my number 2 Mariucan at MPG YAY!! Hope u got the credits. :):):)

Mara said...

Like pinoyism, I haven't been to a Public Library. I don't know if we even have one here.

The only times I go to the library when I was in College was when:
1. I'm alone and have nowhere else to go before my other class starts,
2. Cooking-related classes (nutrition, food chem, etc) needs researching for food menus to prepare etc.,
3. I need my clearance (before graduation) to be signed, and
4. I want peace and quiet.

Jibber Jabber said...

I left you an award. Cool pic. I'd love to use that library.

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,I have some"goodies" for you on my site.

Mrs. F said...

OMG. The library in my hood is ghetto as all hell. I have yet to go to the new one in Elk Grove that opened last month, but the one on Mack Road is SCARY! (You know, as scary as a library can be...)

Grandy said...

Mariuca~ YAY on being a TC!! :)

Mara~ I'm all about the peace and quiet too.

Jibber jabber~ Me's nothing like the one I was in by the way.

Mike~ Thanks big guy!

Paloma~ I feel ya...Really I do!!

chris said...

The one thing I hate more than anything else at the library is when the people that work at the library took louder than the anybody else.
Oh yeah, the heavy breathing when reading is also a no no. but it should be ok to talk as lng as your whispering.

Michele (a.k.a. Juice Girl) said...

Actually, I've been in libraries like you're mentioning. Life isn't as it once was, that's for sure. :-\

Mara said...

Off topic: I have tagged you in my blog. :)

Ane Fallarme said...

I haven't been in a library since forever... there's internet access now? lol... :D

Mike Golch said...

I once got tossed out of a library for smacking by bubble gum.Go figure.They do not have a cense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I love the library! Nerd + cheapass = free public library. Wahoo.

Yeh, mine is very hustle bustle what with all the different programs going on in different rooms. But, you can still find a few quiet places here and there and out on the back patio. Not that I'm ever alone in the library to enjoy any of those places. Waaaa.

Anne said...

I try to be quiet in the library, but with 2 kids, it doesn't always work. I do talk to people in the library since it is one of the only places in my town where you run into people you know (all we have is that and the schools).

Grandy said...

Chris~ It's that whispering thing they haven't mastered.

Juice girl Michele~ No, and I feel like an old lady when I complain about the good ole' days too.

Mara~ Hey girl...thanks for the tag! That's sweet you thought of me. :)

Ane~ There IS!! I'd never used it before.

Grandy said...

Mike~ You rebel you! :)

Dee~ Someday sweet lady. SOME-DAY you will get to do that again. ;)

Anne~ HA!! I almost called you Denise because you sound like my girlfriend who also knows everyone in town. ;) It's all good!!

Travis said...

The last time I was at a public library, it could have been mistaken for a bus station. It was noisy, smelly, and messy.

What's up with that?

Grandy said...

Travis~ I can probably explain the noisy and messy part...but the smelly I'm not so sure. ;)