Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sending Some Love Back!!


I dedicate today's post to Mrs. G., of Derfwad Manor. She is a beautifully talented blogger who gets more comments than I will ever get hits on this site in a day.

Mrs. G. does her weekly "Slow Cook Thursday" and this week she featured yours truly. Can you believe it? You can check it out HERE.

And never mind the big blazon pic of me up there. UGH!!

Mrs. G. was one of my FIRST commenters when I first started. She found me in the blogosphere when I was still trying to "find myself". No really...I don't mean in the metaphysical way. I mean I was struggling to find my way back to my own blog. Remember that technically challenged thing I've mentioned before? Are you starting to get that there's a theme??

My first comment from her was from A Week Already:

Mrs. G. said...
Welcome to the blogging world Mary. You seem like you are going to be good at it!
October 12, 2007 11:42 AM

WOW!! This kicka$$ blogger was a fortune teller too? ;)

Well...throughout this past year, I've followed Mrs. G., and the remainder of the G family. (Hey, what can I say? We G's have gotta stick together!) Now, when I say follow, I don't mean in a weird stalking way... well... not exactly in a weird stalking way. That was only a "temporary" restraining order. We worked it all out after the police arrived.

...digressing again... back to the point...

Mrs. G. usually closes comments on her Thursday posts because she says it's all about her guest. Well, this week...I'm making it all about her and she doesn't even know it. I don't have nearly the following she has, but I have a WONDERFUL group of readers who I know will embrace her wit.

Mrs. G.'s daughter is leaving this week for college. I feel like I'm saying goodbye too, although I've only read everything there is to know stories about her. As a stalker follower, I've watched the G family go through the college selection process, been part of job challenges, and watched this family grow. They are an awesome bunch, and when I drove through Washington after my grandmother passed I considered stalking trying to meet.

In her blog, Mrs. G. asked for advice from her readers to her daughter. "What advice do you wish someone would have given you when you went off to college?" Well...what I wanted to put was, "True friends WILL hold your hair back." But then, I get the feeling this young lady knows what true friendship is. I think she has that with her mother.

So, Grandy is a little bit more worried about Mrs. G. hitting the bottle hard taking it a little hard. The lovely Miss G is going to be just fine conquering the world. But...Mrs. G.?

Yeah...she's going to be just fine.

After all, she has all of us stalkers followers to keep her warm and fuzzy. Maybe we could all go to her for advice...and with attitude...and she'll feel a little more comfy?



Starshine said...

I enjoyed your SCT!

Yes, Mrs. G is an awesome lady, and I hope I get to meet that Derfwad someday!

Tricia said...

This was very sweet.

Theresa said...

Grandy, I don't think Mrs. G could ask for a better stalker/follower than you!

dkuroiwa said...

Vunderful Dahlink...just vunderful!! :-D
So...has anyone ever told you that your cutie-patootie husband looks like the cafe owner on the show The Gilmore Girls?? or is it just me?! You two make such a cute couple!! and I do believe that I have your son's twin with me!!!

It's amazing the people that are associated with Mrs.'s vunderful!!

Lisa Milton said...

We all love us some Derfwad, don't we?

*I* love this rib recipe - IN MY CROCKPOT - that's just brilliant, when the weather turns.

(My girl will thank you. She loves ribs.)

Thanks for sharing.

Candy said...

Hey, anyone who likes Elton John (my personal favorite), Linkin Park and Alanis Morissette is ok with me. I'll be back!

Mrs. G. said...

Aww, Grandy, see this is why I said you were a true blue sweetheart. Yeah, Miss G. is going to be fine. We are moving her in at 3:30 today and last night I said, "hey, how about we take you to dinner after we get you all moved in?" and she said, "thanks mom, but I already have plans."

Thanks for the sweet words, Grandy.

chris said...

Nice props girl!

Nora Bee said...

What a nice tribute to Mrs G! And a nice SCT post as well :-)

mysecondjournal said...

You are like one of the best bloggy friends ever..what an awesome post!!

Suzanne said...

You are a rock star, girl! I love it!

I remember those early days, you had the gift even back in...November! :) So glad you joined NaBloPoMo so that I would have the pleasure of reading your wonderful stories!

treesflowersbirds said...

That was totally awesome! Is this interview day? wreke had one too.

I love that picture of you. I think it's given me the best idea of what you look like. Very cute.

hasta pasta said...

I too went to her link you look good. Ms. G is great. Ty looks so big and grown up, the girls will be calling soon (gulp) It will happen at my house too.

and you... you slow down!

Janet said...

The Four Agreements has cropped up in conversations and blogs I read again and again. I think the universe is trying to tell me something!

Stopping by from Mrs. G.'s :-)

storyteller said...

I have a friend who reads Mrs. G of Derfward Manor, but somehow I seldom manage to get over there myself. Perhaps I’ll check out the link today … just because. I enjoyed your ‘introductory’ post ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

It is sooooo nice to meet you. I can tell you're my cup of tea. The Four Agreements is sitting in my "To Read" stack. And those ribs? Oh. My. Gosh. Gotta make them ASAP.

Joyce-Anne said...

Sometimes all we need are words of encouragement from a stranger and lo and behold they become blogging buds. Way to go ladies!!

Agent K said...

I loved your SCT so much I had to come back. In fact I liked you so much (only sorta, stalker-like)that I highlighted you as a 'new to me' blogger on my own site
(, don't hate me cuz I just linked to myself in your is totally innocent, I swear) come over and check it out. There is a giveaway too!

I too love Mrs. G and the Derfwads! This was one sweet post!

phd in yogurtry said...

Those ribs look deeelicious! I've been looking for a slow cook ribs recipe (how did you know?) and I think I've found it -- so thanks -- and ... peanut butter? Really? If you say so....

phd in yogurtry said...

Oh and nice touch making your post all about Mrs. G. She deserves every accolade!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I feel the exact same way about Mrs. G.--nice post.

wrekehavoc said...

nice pictures :-) cool interview! and i am hoping mrs g manages okay, too. funny how you can worry about someone you've not met IRL, isn't it!

Grandy said...

Starshine~ Thanks so much for stoppin' over.

Tricia~ Thank you.

Theresa~ Well at least you know I'm a harmless stalker.

DK~ Huh! I never considered him to look like Luke. I do think he's a cutie though. Thanks for thinkin' so too.

Lisa~ Make sure you stand the ribs along the side. Enjoy...

Candy~ RIGHT ON!! Not many people get me that way.

Mrs. G~ You deserve all the kind words. ;)

Grandy said...

Chris~ Thank you sir!

Nora Bee~ Hey thanks lady! Good to see ya, it's been a while.

MP~ I try. I promise. :)

Suzanne~ I'm grateful you found me on NaBlo too. ;) I might have to do one more month of it.

Trees~ Hey thanks lady. I'm thinking the eye make-up was a bit smeared. This was taken after dancin' at a wedding.

Maria~ The girls already call... CONSTANTLY!!

Janet~ Thanks for stopping by, and if you can't hear the universe... then listen to me. Read the book already. ;)

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ Thank you for always being a faithful reader yourself.

Cheri~ You may not remember me, but I've stalked...ahem... visited you before. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Joyce-Anne~ Thanks for always sharing your words. :) Someday, you will have a blog I can stalk.

Agent K~ Don't worry about linking back to your site. I always try to visit my commenters at some point anyway. :)

phd~ Trust me on the peanut butter. Haven't you ever had Thai food? Peanut sauce ROCKS!! And thanks!!

Jenn~ I know you do, lovely lady!!

Wreke~ It is funny how connected we all get.

xup said...

I love Mrs. G, too. She's like den mother to the rest of us. And she obviously recognizes talent when she sees it. Good on ya!

Mike Golch said...

mrs G is a great lady. Grandy you are a great person as well.I'm gkad to call you a blog friend.

EastCoastLife said...

You know, you are a very sweet person and you give sound advice. :)

jess said...

i love mrs. g! i'm gonna go check out your slow cook thursday RIGHT NOW!

i've been posting every freaking day in the month of september. thankfully, there are only about 8 days left.


Grandy said...

XUP~ I knew you would like her wit. ;)

Mike~ You're very sweet. Thank you!!

ECL~ Thanks lady!!

Jess~ I'm so proud of you. I may do that again in November, like last year.