Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What did you want to be?

Lately Grandy has been expressing some verbal vomit frustration in the work category, and it's caused some reflection into my past and think about all my aspirations as a kid.

I remember I was 8 when I wanted to be one of these:

I remember telling Mom that I could be an Angel because they were cute and got all the cool gigs. I even had an explanation for how I would be able to shoot. "Don't worry, Mom, the Angels only get shot in the arm and are fine after that."

What the heck did I know? Kelly was always my favorite because she was most like me (minus the 2 piece hot bod).

When I hit 6th grade, I thought that I had found the High School that I just had to get into.

What? A High School for the artistic? PERFECT!!

Of course I knew that this was a "pretend" high school and the T.V. show rocked my world every week. I wanted to be ON THAT SHOW. I even sent off a picture of myself, with a letter to the casting agents, saying how perfect I would be for the show.

Now...looking back...I fully understand why I never got the call. You will never get to see my 6th grade pic, but you understand.

Later I had lofty ideas of being a teacher. I'm not sure I would have the energy, or the patience for that anymore (how did I get so jaded?).

Some days, I wish I could go back to the days when things were so much simpler. The days when the bullets only grazed the arms, and there was dancing in the high school hallways.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?? Are you doing it now??
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Catherine said...

I too was a shoe-in for Fame! What happened?

I remember sitting in my high school physics class saying I would be a mechanical engineer. And the boys at the table, the class was nearly all boys - senior boys and I was a junior - laughed. Out loud. And the teacher? Said nothing.

That was the same year that my math teacher sucked. I dropped advanced math.

Three years ago I had a mini-midlife crisis. Why was I here? Why wasn't I making a difference? I decided to go to nursing school. But the reality of FT school, two little kids and no job woke me up.

And now? I wish I'd stuck with the math. At least then I could console myself with the idea I could teach HS mathematics.

Not that I have the patience for hormonal teenagers.

So, yeah - maybe we'll find solidarity in restlessness.

Mike Golch said...

when I was a teen I wanted to be a submariener and or a Cop. than I ended up going into the US Air Force. since Dad was Army Air Force.
After my second marriage I ended up as a Corrections Officer.

chris said...

I wanted to be John McEnroe and Thor and marry Wonder Woman.

XUP said...

I wanted to be something different every week. I still do. Ostensibly I’m a federal public servant, but I’m just biding my time here until the perfect career hits me, or until I retire, whichever comes first. Actually, I think retirement may actually be my perfect career.

mysecondjournal said...

I never wanted to go to the Fame school...BUT
I was Sabrina..then there was Wonder Woman and Policewoman (Angie Dickenson)..I wanted to fight crime.
THEN there was Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew..eww I could be a private detective!!...finally I wanted to move to Hawaii and help Magnum. :-)

Sandy C. said...

I wanted to be Sandy (or any pink lady) in Grease and dance with Danny Zucco in the fun house all day :)

Then I turned 10.

Grandy said...

Catherine~ You got the math side of the brain, like my twin sister.

Mike~ Sounds like you got darn close.

Chris~ Of course you wanted to marry Wonder Woman...of course you did. ;)

XUP~ You and me BOTH!!

MP~ HELP Magnum? Suuuurrreeee...

Sandy~ I could SO see you as a pink lady.

Mrs. F said...

When i was a kid I wanted to be a teacher. Then I grew up and realized that I have no idea how to explain things to people when it comes to problem-solving...Also, I don't like kids very much, hahaha.

Travis said...

I wanted to be a Marine. I did not get to do that.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ I'm pretty sure I had some teachers who didn't like kids very much either.

Travis~ I'm sorry!