Monday, September 8, 2008

Bald Men with Back Hair

Ok... so before I get started... can I show you what pic came up when I Googled images for "back hair"?

WHAT??? Gregory Harrison? Honey, you are cute and I don't want to know that you have Back Hair, really.

Alright...I've started out digressing already!! I really can't be trusted!!

Tonight Grandy was standing in line, waiting to order some food, when she noticed a particularly interesting man standing in front of her.

He didn't appear to be very old, was completely bald, but had a hairy back (I mean real hairy). How do I know this? It could have been parted from under the tank top he was wearing.

My first thought, "Hmmm...How does that happen?" How is a man blessed with so much hair everywhere BUT his head? He seemed pleasant enough...until he spoke.

Then I realized...there's something to that My Name is Earl show after all.

What is it he says? Karma?

This man had every bit of karma coming his way. He was NASTY to the people that worked there.

Then, as I stood there further, watching him speak down to the poor lady at the register, I notice something else.

The man was off his Chord!!

What chord, you ask? You must know...don't you??

You've seen the Matrix Movies, right? Well this guy looked like he was all ready to be hooked up to the chord. He had the perfect "bump" for it.

Do you think he's unhappy with the fact that he just can't comb-over that far? Is that what makes him a cranky man? hubby has back hair...and I love him and frankly think he's HOT.

And quite frankly, there are many hot bald men out there.


So...what do I say to you bald men with back hair?

Let it go!!

There's no fault to place, it's just the way it is. And there are women out there who will think you are HOT!!


I expect such attitude from short men, but I won't even tolerate it from you.

If you continue with your crappy attitude...You will never GET ANY.

***All images courtesy of Googled images***


Suzanne said...

Patrick Stewart, be still my heart.

My nearly bald hubby doesn't understand that I prefer him bald to the hair he had in his 20's. I find Patrick Stewart, Michael Chiklis and Anthony Edwards particularly hot.

Trust me, it's a bone of contention when the man can't have hair on his head, but has an abundance elsewhere!

Dens said...
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Dens said...

Michael has back hair...and front hair for that I still think he's hot!!

Mrs. G. said...

You're right. Let it go!

Sandy C. said...

I agree. Let it go. I think some men look better bald.

wrekehavoc said...

eek! that pic of the guy with something emblazoned in his back hair is priceless. in an interesting sort of way...

April said...

I love my bald-ish hubby. :-) And thank gawd he doesn't have a carpet on his back. LOL

Vixen said...

Like you, I would rather not think of Gregory Harrison with back hair. At least not as much back hair as you described on Mr. Karma.

Bald can be very beautiful, but Mr. Karma won't ever know because you have to also be beautiful on the inside.

chris said...

Capt. Jean Luc Picard, my hero...

I'm short and thank God I don't have a Napoleonic complex.

I guess I'm fortunate to have a full head of hair.

mysecondjournal said...

LUV Patrick Stewart..and love bald men...always have been very attacted to the type. My GD husband has a FULL head of hair..with no sign of it going anywhere.. sigh...

Back hair..ewe..

Joyce-Anne said...

I adore Patrick Stewart. He is such a hotttieee.

Grandy said...

Suzanne~ Ooh...good choices.

Dens~ As you should. He's a big ol' teddy bear.

Mrs. G~ Thank you ;)

Sandy~ Me TOO!

Wreke~ Ewww...I know.

April~ Your bald hubby is cute!

Grandy said...

Vixen~ I agree...Mr. Karma is probably that way because he doesn't get it.

Chris~ Your wife is probably grateful too.

MP~ Dang hubby.

Joyce-Anne~ Isn't he though?

Kelly O said...

Back hair: Wax it if it bothers you, dude! Don't take it out on cashiers.

Mrs. F said...

Ugh! That Notre Dame fan made me almost vomit. Blech!!!

Grandy said...

Kelly~ Well Said!!

Mrs. F~ made me laugh. :)