Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here we go AGAIN!

Every month, Grandy has pledged to raise awareness about Cancer. I have posted about it once a month for the last few months now.

Here I am, faced with the 30th of the month, and I haven't posted about Cancer. I have had a lot on my plate and I'm sorry.

As I started to feel guilty about this I said to myself "Self, this is YOUR site to do what you want! No one is going to make you feel bad about this...but you!!"

So, maybe by at least talking about cancer, AND POINTING YOU HERE it will be enough?

It will have to be this time I'm afraid.

I might even change it up and pick a mission for the month.

I have had diabetes on my mind a lot this month. Not only because I struggle with the disease every day, but because April's new Hubby has been recently diagnosed with it. I have said many prayers, and even sent some ideas their way to try an help them in this transition. I hope I helped.

When you are afflicted with an illness that requires constant control, you tend to lose sight of how it can affect your precious loved ones. Seeing April struggle with how to work in meals around what D can eat was what reminded me.

Nothing has been more of a reminder than in the last 2 weeks. You see, Grandy has learned she has to have yet another surgery on Thursday. This Thursday.

When the surgeon calls you at 6:30, on your cell phone, you know he's not calling to see about the weather. But when he calls and says we need to do this right away, how does Tuesday sound? Grandy says...Tuesday doesn't work for me, what else do you have?

What would you have done? I had commitments already.

So what they had was (and is) coming on Thursday. I tell Ty about it after his big science test. He asks me, "Is this one life threatening?" "Pishaw!" I tell him. "This is so simple the doctor can practically fix everything with a crazy straw."

The other night, while talking to Hubby, he sat there quietly for a moment. "I'm sorry you have to do this again," he says. "I really am." His realization of what I am preparing for touched me in a way I can't explain. If you knew my Hubby you would know that he is rarely serious. With my surgery in March, he kept making jokes that he could do the surgery with his pocket knife and some crazy glue.

I have been trying to make light of this. If it comes up in conversation I poo-poo it (I said poo-poo) as nothing. Is Grandy worried? Not terribly. There are bigger things that people face in their lives, and I'm a pro at these things. I can take it.

Besides, it's not the surgery I'm worried about. It's the boys, and how my recovery will affect them. Whenever I hiccup Ty wants to know if I'm ok. Hubby notices when I look tired, where he never did before. These boys are used to me keeping up and now realize that I can't always. Mom needs rest sometimes. To me, it's alright if the Hubby finally gets this, but not my 12 year old. He's seen me go through too much and doesn't need to see it any more.

The truth is, I truly don't know what all is entailed with this surgery. I'm not trying to have my head in the sand about this (although I think that this theme is more and more who I am) but the doctors won't even know it all until they're in there.

So...I go in at the butt-crack of dawn on Thursday, Hubby drives me to hospital, the doctors do their thing, and when I wake up I will know how long I get to be a guest at the chateau.

I better get busy on some pre-posting duties. This is a HUGE week for me in my blogging world. I hope you all come back to visit and see. Make it a point to come see me on Friday, k?? I promise...you won't be sorry!!



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope everything goes well. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

Suzanne said...

Yikes, girl!

I hope that what they find is worthy of that Pa shaw and that you're up and keeping up with your boys in no time!

Mrs. G. said...

All my best thoughts coming your way! Seriously, be well girl.

Joyce-Anne said...

I don't have any words. I hope that the surgery turns out to be a simple procedure and all goes well. Meanwhile, I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Take Care.

Katie said...

Well my new bloggy friend....I will pray for you and the surgeons and send all sorts of positive thoughts too.

Be well!

Travis said...

Well dang. I hope all goes well. If you can, give us a shout just to let us know you're ok.

Take care.

Mrs. F said...

Do you need anything? What can I do to help?
Need hospital entertainment, or will this be a short stay?

Call me.

Bestest wishes.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ Thanks lady.

Suzanne~ Is that how you spell Pashaw? Ugh I can't spell either? ;)

Mrs. G~ I will..I promise.

Joyce-Anne~ Fear not...I'll be back to make you chuckle.

Grandy said...

Katie~ Thanks so much new friend. ;)

Travis~ I will give a shout for sure.

Paloma~ I'm not even sure I still have your number. I'm not missing your b-day am I?

Debbie said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Not that you need it, you are to ornery for anything to go wrong!

chris said...

I know what your husband is going through...I went trough it last year. All will be well my friend!

onthecurb said...

I'll send my bestest positive vibes your way, chicky.

Actually, I thought wreke was the one having surgery tomorrow and called to wish her well. Turns out she's going to Disney World. Unless that's code for blucky surgery. Maybe the drugs will be powerful enough to make you feel like you're at Disney World. Say hi to Micky for me!

Seriously, chin up, babe. :-)

Grandy said...

Debbie~ HA! You have a good point there. ;)

Chris~ Thank you for understanding his point.

Dee~ Wreke is having it...but it must be after the happiest place on earth.