Monday, April 21, 2008

What's wrong with these pics??

A while back I posted Things You'd Hear at My Desk, which gives you a bit of an idea of the type of craziness I deal with at work. I'm rarely amazed when I hear the latest.

You see, in my day job I help clients identify their risks and help them with their claims. It's never a boring job. Trademark infringement, Sexual Harassment, Trip & name it, I see it.

Well, I am never truly shocked when I get emails from friends with pictures like this:

Or This????

Seriously people...can you see what's happening in these pictures??

Ingenuity is a frightening thing. I would be scared to stand on the top step of a ladder (remember my thing with heights?) let alone balancing a paint bucket or ANOTHER ladder on top of these ladders.

When I see people doing stupid things, it irritates me because look at those poor saps holding the ladders? If something happens to the idiots on top, these guys are never going to forgive themselves.

Please let me assure these men...if they're's NOT your fault. Your only sin is being an accomplice to the stupidity. These guys are in charge of their own stupidity.

Say it with me, readers! "I see dumb people. They're all around me, and they don't even know they're dumb."


Michele said...

SO TRUE! You're hilarious. :-)

Seriously though, I really don't think folks realize how often they just don't think!

Thanks for sharing...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Have you ever read the children's book, "Officer Buckle and Gloria?" Safety rule #99--don't ever stand on a swivel chair!

Mrs. F said...

Those pictures are fabulous. They remind me of what happened to my girlfriend's husband. He was instructed by his boss to use a shopping cart to stand on while painting. He fell off, broke his back and is now disabled.

Your job must be interesting some days, eh!

Tina Coruth said...


Unbelievable!! What were they thinking? Apparently, thinking is not their thing.


Rachel said...

That last picture with the ladder on the ladder just makes my stomach lurch! I don't know how anyone in their right mind could think that this was a good idea, could even dream it up. It is hard to feel sorry for people that do these things.

nylonthread said...

Oh, these dumb people are why they created the Darwin awards. I'm glad I can just laugh & not have to handle their claims.

MP said...

My favorite was when my electrician dad stuck the metal fork in the toaster while it was still plugged in...aaahhhhh

zoom56okdavid said...

Ladder on ladder action

Travis said...

Plus...they breathe our air and breed!

Anonymous said...

it's like that old, stupid t-shirt once blurted out: "G-d must have loved stupid people. He made a lot of them."

oh lord. having flashbacks to the time when DH fell off the roof onto our deck, right in front of my then-two year old DD, who aptly stated: "daddy go BOOM!" oh yeah. he did. thank G-d he didn't go CRACK.

Linda said...

Hey Grandy Girl! Just stopped by to see what is up in your world - love your new banner, and your new hair! I'm slowing getting back into the blogging thing so I'll be stopping by more often. I've missed your antics... you sound great!

Grandy said...

Michele~ Glad you could stop by, and glad you enjoyed the visit. ;)

Jenn~ I've not read that book...but can think of a time where I should have.

Mrs. F~ Interesting indeed.

Tina~ Thinking is not always a listed job requirement.

Rachel~ It's even harder not to laugh at them.

Grandy said...

Nylon~ I wish I didn't have to deal with some of these claims.

MP~ Ahhh...the whole knife in the toaster thing.

zoomdavid~ Baw chicka baw baw.

Travis~ They breed???

wreke~ That's scary!! Glad he wasn't hurt too bad.

Linda~ My martini drinking sister! I've missed you!!

storyteller said...

Yup … and by definition, 50% of the folks in the world have an IQ of less than 100. Humbling thought ... and perhaps even scary when ya think about it because folks like this put EVERYONE ‘at risk’ … so be warned ;--)
Hugs and blessings,