Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Warning: See "here" and NOT "here"

Image provided by Cooky La Moo because Grandy lacks the skillz to get these images on here.

We've all seen these monsters...the word verification nightmare. Many of these I can read, but there are those out there that I just can't. Sometimes I've tried about three times to get the comment on there, but alas, I eventually give up.

Or...has anyone tried to purchase anything on Ticketmaster? I swear those buttheads are sitting there mocking me. They have their letters and number jumbled AND they put criss-crosses through them. WTF? I only have like 2 minutes to secure these seats to ArenaCross and I'm messing with "Is that a 6 or a G?"

Some systems are set up (and I want to know how) that the words are WAY easy. Where do I sign up for that? my ample free time utopia...I'm going to take some sort of blogging class. Until then...I learn on the streetz. How am I doing so far?

Well, my lovely blogging friends. I feel remiss in telling you that I've now had to take this measure to eliminate the hackers that keep trying to send viruses. It's happened here, on the Grandy laptop, well the first one before I had to exchange it...not my fault because it was already getting the "BSOD" (blue screen of death).

If you happen to see comments from anyone with a strange name (no NOT Derfwad) where the comment says anything like:

Urgent: Please see here or here.

...or simply...

See Please here. (oh yeah, this is not a typo but really this silly)

If you happen to get any of these comments on your blog, DO NOT click "here". If you click the person's name it takes you to a bio of sorts that has "FLASH" as the website. This is something that will instantly start sending a virus to your computer. When I had done it my Anti-Virus started going NUTS!!

For a while, I've tried deleting the comments. But those pesky boogers just keep coming back! I've done some research on these and because the names keep changing I don't know if blogger can do much to rectify.

I know I will quite often check out what other peoples' sites are through the comment screen. I grew fearful one of my wonderful readers might do that and have this problem. I don't want any viruses out there because of my blog so reluctantly I've caved to using word verification.

Perhaps after a while I'll be able to do something different, but I'm sorry. I want everyone in the blogging world to be safe.

That's Grandy! Doing what she can to make the blogosphere a better and safer place.

Is it working yet??


jennifer h said...

I'm with you on the word verification torture. I'm tired of squinting! Half of my crow's feet are a direct result of word verification. Dementia can't be far behind.

Sandy C. said...

I had no idea about the 'here' links in the comments...eek!

I am so with you on the word verification. I sort of dyslexic so it always takes me 50 million tries to get a comment posted.

Melissa said...

Have you forgotten my "Alien/Disabled Plot" post? ;) I'm reminding you of it as a workaround for not being able to deal with those stupid letters (which I also use on my site.)

To see the post I'm talking about, click here. ;) <---no really, you can click there. I'm a real person. That's a real blog. And a real link to a real post. I'm not a virus. No really! Seriously! Really!!! :)

Mrs. G. said...

It's only because I love that I will deal with these wiley bastards.

OHmommy said...

oh man... i wasn't aware. thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

gee whiz. i take those things, those weird-a$$ nonwords, and try to make up a sentence using all the letters. or see if there's a word in there. make up a poem. or...

my current word verification for this post, ttftkm, makes a nice phrase that applies very nicely vis a vis the word verification process:

tongue-tied, tedious effing torture. kiss mine.

Travis said...

I really don't like the word verification, but I like viruses less. So do whatcha gotta do and I'll deal.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh it's working alright!

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,I have a segesstion and I may go to this as well.I donot have the word verification up I took it off of my site just because I was haveing trouble posting answers to those that were kind enough to leave a remake,that was the first reason the second one was because I transpose letters and sometimes I just cannot get it right.what I might have to do is what alot of others in blog land do,post the comment after review.this way the silly stuff stays off and does not get in and does not cause a problem for our blogging neighbors.

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,I have been know to post the folling message when I see this as a comment,warning this is not a real site that by clicking on it you may get an infection on your computer.

Grandy said...

Jennifer~ OH NO!! I don't want to contribute to your dimentia AND your crows feet.

Sandy~ I so get the dislexic thing.

Melissa~ Prove it's the real you...What did your grandparents put in your 2nd birthday card?? Wait...there wasn't one, was there? I'll have to think about this.

Mrs. G~ I love you back...If that means anything??

OHMommy~ Glad I could be of service.

wreke~ I like the way you think! I'll kiss it later.

Travis~ ACK! You too? I don't want to make work for anyone.

Jenn~ Why do I not think that's a good thing??

Mike~ Thanks for the input. Excellent ideas!!

Malone! said...

You've got the touch Grandy! And the style... when are you going to send all these to a publisher? I think I have to stop writing to a small audience and take a class from YOU!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, the crazy letter/number jumble. At least, here on blogger they're fairly obvious. Yeh, I too have given up on other sites trying to figure out the dang code.

(i added a little somethin'-somethin' to G day) ;-)

Anonymous said...

gee whiz, grandy -- i hope you know i didn't mean for you to kiss it... i mean verification could kiss my, well, grits. eek!! i didn't meant to offend you... i am SO SORRY!!!!!

and, to show my sincerity, here's today's word verification maze:

kookoo, zany, brainy grandy's zen-like queries zing hearts!

(guess who needs coffee?)

MP said...

I hate the word verification...I do some three or four times before I get it right...
The one I hate the most though is wordpress I guess...that makes you do math. Yeah, I know they aren't asking for a square root..but come on, Math and Spelling were my 2 worst subjects.. Just call my gradeschool and ask the nuns.

Bubbles said...

I get the click here comments almost once a week (at least). I have set up my blogger to approve comments b4 publishing so , I reject these comments so my TRUE friends don't accidently end up with virus thru me :)

Grandy said...

wreke~ Of course I didn't think you were offending me. I was just playing along silly!!

MP~ Why do think the nuns would remember you for so much more?

Bubbles~ Thanks so much for stopping by. I think I will switch to moderating the comments.

Michele said...

I recently deleted a comment with a link in it. I normally don't, but this one gave me a weird feeling and then I read this post and decided I'd made the right decision. I don't know if that comment on my blog was one with a link to a virus but it's better to be safe than sorry, eh?


Grandy said...

Indeed Michele! Better safe than sorry. I'll protect you though. ;)

Tina Coruth said...

Oops! I should not get caught up by reading the most recent posts first. Now I get the previous post about not clicking "here". Thanks for the heads up! I'm sorry your computer got slammed by one of those jerks. Tina