Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Tag from a New Guy

Well, I can't thank my lovely readers enough! I am very touched by all your support and encouraging words from my last post. It felt very good to write, and even better to read all your comments.

Now...enough serious stuff.

I have been a new guy nofaceberg for a 7 Useless Facts Meme. I have to show my support to Danny, who appears to have just started his blog. I thought we could all use some Grandy silliness.

Grandy and useless facts...Oh...Watch out Wiki...Grandy's comin'.

1. I once rear-ended one of my best friends. - Yes, she still talks to me...she just doesn't blog as much as she should, huh Dens?

2. When I was little, I once tried to stand and pee into a my front yard. - I was little, but it was traumatizing enough that I never forgot it. My brother was an ass merciless.

3. I've lost 50 lbs from May 2007 to today. - Can Grandy get a Woot WOOT?

4. I once swallowed a tooth. - If gum takes 7 years to digest, and you can grow a watermelon if you eat the seed, will the tooth chew both??

5. I sing in my car. LOUD!

6. I've secretly been curious to see what would happen if I put a profile in e-Harmony,, or (I know you're going to google that but don't bother) and then make a profile for the Hubby and see if we're a match. - I'm guessing that on paper it's probably a no. But oh...does he clean up GOOD!! Who needs paper anyway?

7. I hate shopping for clothes. - To all my friends out there who could make a career out of it, and are that good...I applaud you. You ladies have STYLE! Me? I am trying. But seriously, it's not much fun shopping for fat clothes. There are certain stores, with the initials R.O.S.S. that have adorable skinny clothes. However, the store in my my old size...all they had were moomoos and sequence. Why shop?? Now, Fashion Bug, if you've ever heard of it, they have cute skinny and fat clothes.

Well, there you have it!! More useless facts about Grandy. Ya know, I did consider putting 7 previous posts about me as the useless facts, since I sometimes feel like that's all you get from Grandy...a bunch of useless moments.

Oh well, if it makes y'all feel better about what you've got, then BRING IT ON!!

I'll spare everyone from a tag but remind you to let me know if you decide to play so I can come see.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I once backed into my future FIL's car. Future hubs thought it best he not no-27 years after the fact he still wonders who the asshole was that didn't leave a note. Yes, I have guilt.

XUP said...


Melissa said...

50! Amazing!

krissy said...

I'll give you a whoop-whoop for losing that much weight. I'll also call you a snot head b/c I want to lose that much weight.

I have backed into so many things I'm surprised they haven't taken my license. I'm short and it's hard to look out the back window.

dkuroiwa said...

No moment with you, m'dear is "useless"!!
I also sing really loud in my car...and, I have been known to practice my hula hand movements at red lights!! Just keeping everyone entertained!!

And yes....I will give you a "wootwoot" about those 50 pounds....that is fanfrickintastic!! and yet...i must be honest...I'm kind of with krissy...'cept i be wantin' to call you a bitch. i mean...really...don't just tell us you did it...I'm wanting details!! Yes, I know, your surgery helped...but...what had you done before???
Your loyal subjects wait for your wisdom...oh one of much thin-ness.
debbie :-D

Mrs. G. said...

W00t W00t! I never had any success peeing standing up. But a girl's gotta try.

MP said...

That is alot of weight.. bitch..

AND..I can outdo you on #1.. I set my friend/coworkers car on FIRE..
(I thought I knew how to jumpstart..I didn't..the fireman was cute)

Dens said...

Okay, totally guilty on the not blogging as much as I should thing...and yes I still talk to you..who else can figure out my weird sense of humor??..besides, it was just a car.
I will try to blog more, and I will do your meme to prove I just gotta think of some good stuff.
Congrats on the weight loss...I'm very proud of you!! You are my inspriation for my own...only down by 4...but still hangin' in there.

jess said...

woot woot from me on the missing pounds. here's hoping you never ever find them again.


Melissa said...

HA! MP's comment just totally cracked me up! :D

Danny said...

Your helmet can be fitted with a microphone as well !

Mrs. F said...

Dang. I want to lose 50 pounds. My problem is that I get frustrated the first time I don't lose any weight and I quit. I am joining a gym in June, so hopefully that will help a bit!

w00t! w00t!

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,GOOD FOR you and the weight loss.if you need any I have at least 65 lbs to give away.

Anonymous said...

Well, crap. Between reading your post and the now screaming girls (alani's usual caterwauling and gab's latest knock-down, drag-out terrible 2 tantrums)...ummmmm.

Shopping...loathe it, too, girlfriend.

Oh, I remember. Blogging a collection of useless moments. I feel the same way and wonder why anyone would care to read mine. But, yours, my dear, definitely entertaining and not useless for sure.

Sandy C. said...

Woot WOOT! You rock!

ROFL @ the peeing in a bush. I tried the standing pee too as a kid. But did it in front of a toilet... TP doesn't do well wiping up the floor :(

Grandy said...

Jenn~ I guess you have guilt, silly. Your FIL sounds like my Dad. Ya think he suspects it's you?? That's why he brings it up 27 years later?

XUP~ Thanks cutie!!

Melissa~ I didn't even realize it. Very exciting indeed.

Krissy~ You know...they make those beeping things that tell you when you're going to hit something now.

dk~ I'll have to post about it.

Mrs. G~ Good to know one of my heroes also tried to pee while standing. Or were you just trying to make me feel better.

MP~ LOL! I have read your comment like 3 times and am still LOL! Did you get the fireman's digits at least?

Dens~ I think you look beautiful, my friend. You keep up the good work, and remember, it's not every day it's your birthday. Live it up and then move on.

Jess~ No DOUBT!! Let's hope they stay lost, like all my missing socks.

Melissa~ Me TOO!!

Danny~ Who would I talk too? Could we be on the same frequency? (other commenters, this was threaded from his meme post...we're not smokin'nothin')

Mrs. F~ Good...Join the the 110 temperature. Good planning. Do they have a pool??

Grandy said...

Curb Babe~ What is it Alani has against my blog anyway? Thank you for your kind words.

Sandy~ Depending on the TP, it doesn't work well for that, but is awesome in someone's yard. ...I'm just sayin', not that I've tried it.

Anonymous said...

WOOT WOOT!! that's AMAZING! grandy, what have you been doing? i've been doing something called body for life, though i went off the program two months ago because the kids completely wrecked my gym schedule ;-) i'll be back on next week and starting afresh.

what's your secret for being so fabulous?

Tina Coruth said...

WOOT, WOOT, Grandy!! :-)

Travis said...

Wooooooooooooo! Congrats on your weight loss!

Dens said...

did your meme...come seeme...hehehe

Jennifer H said...

50 lbs calls for a whole crowd of people doing the wave! (Please email me with how you did it. I beg you. Diet and exercise? Oh.)

One of my Super Serious Goals is to get off the Lane Bryant mailing list this year.

I once backed into my husband's car and blamed him. Because, you know. He parked behind me, and it was dark.

Cindy said...

I just happened across your blog via entrecard. I love it and I'm adding you to my friends list so I can find my way back here.

Grandy said...

wreke~ Don't know about fabulous... but thanks lady!!

Thanks TINA!!

Travis~ Grassy - A$$ (it's my redneck Gracias)

Dens~ It's about dang time. I'm on my way soon.

Jennifer~ Then it WAS your hubby's fault! I read that to my hubby and he rolled his eyes because I was in absolute agreement.

Cindy~ Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Can I link to this post please?