Saturday, March 15, 2008


Does anyone else have XM Channels on their TV Satelite?

We Grandys love ours!

I think I've mentioned the Broadway Channel to you, but there are so many others. I don't think I'm blowing any secrets when I say that the Mr. Grandy(s) of the house aren't so fond of that one, however.

Where else can you get random music selections to fit your liking? I have quite the eclectic music collection and XM fits that. As I'm working through my recovery, I'm trying not to get sucked into watching TV all day. This Grandy is not used to so much down time...and is NOT in to soap operas.

It's the names folks...the "Names" of these channels that crack me up. I'm sure there's a perfectly good system in place, but I haven't figured it out yet. Some make perfect sense and then, well, you be the judge of what does and doesn't.

- "80's on 8" - Feeling like some leg warmers already.
- "US Country" - is pretty self explanitory on what it consists of.
- "On Broadway" - One of my favorites people.
- "Spirit" - speaks volumes as well.
- "Squizz-XL" - Rock? Post Grunge? Metal? Rap? Funk? It says it has it all.
- "Ethel" - New modern rock superstarts mixed with 90's flashbacks. (??)
- "Lucy" - Alternative Rock?
- "Fred" - Also alternative? Has anyone told Ricky he needs a channel for Alternative Latin?
- "Special X" - I didn't make up this explanation, it's from them - A collection of some of the most bizarre music ever recorded. Hmmm...So do they mean "special" as in little yellow school bus "special"?
- "XMU" - Indie pop...because all college stations are "indie".

Tell me what your favorite XM Channel is...and if you know what the name of the channel means??


Travis said...

I don't have XM but I do have music channels on my cable. I like the classic rock stations and the 50's oldies. And the 40's big band swing stuff too.

Oh...and the jazz channels.

I haven't noticed that they have weird channel names though.

BTW - I'm a guy who enjoys Broadway.

Mike Golch said...

me I just a regur radio in the car and I donot have xm available here at the house.

Dens said...

The 80s on 8 is my fav!! Go figure...But I have been known to tune it to the Radio Disney channel. I don't have them in my car, just on the DirecTv...
I do agree that some of the names of the channels are quite interesing. Glad to hear you're not getting sucked in to the soaps!!

Grandy said...

Travis~ Methinks that you and I would vie for similar channels on the TV...AND you enjoy broadway? Right on!!

Mike~ You strike me as a 50's music affecianado (sp?)

Dens~ Oh...I wish I had them in my car. Then my commute would be complete. :)

Tina Coruth said...

I don't have a satellite dish. But this XM seems great!! I love music.


Grandy said...

Tina~ You would love it!! They have music for every era and every taste you can imagine. :)

MP said...

How come we're just NOW becoming friends???
OK..i actually sell XM as part of my we listen alot. 80's on 8, 70's on 7 are two of my favorites as well as the Broadway Channel (I was singing Chim Chiminey REALLY loud in the car the other day and people looked at me funny)
My step son LOVES 20 on 20 and I also like Lucy the alternative channel..not like lifestyle but oldies alternative like The Cure.

Grandy said...

MP~ Methinks we were separated at birth? No really, I would love XM in my car, but since I just pimped a new laptop I should wait a bit. ;)