Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If you haven't seen's new to you!

A man walks into a bar...Nah!

So the Priest says to the Rabi...Can't do that one either.

Folks, I'm just not feeling funny or entertaining tonight. I feel compelled to warn you now that, well, I got nothin'. I mostly use this blog to entertain myself, and if I entertain others well that's even better. But tomorrow is my big day, and I'm having a little trouble focusing.

Fold towel...put dish in dishwasher...sort through some mail...repeat.

Boy have I been here before.

Must. TRY!!

Oh...I know...I'll leave you with an earlier post from when my readership was um...2 (do you remember I only just started this blog in October?) Everyone has gotta start somewhere.

Hope you enjoy!

HUH!!! (Originally posted 11/7/07)

Have YOU ever been caught in an awkward moment?

Has your boss just said something that made absolutely no sense?

Ever had a friend decide they just HAD to have those 40 lb. cement turtles being sold by a vendor in Mexico, without a thought as to having to carry them home??

Tired of hearing demanding, unreasonable requests from clients who just don't seem to have brought their clue with them today? How about a spouse who has a bad habit of bringing home the latest "deals"? You name it!!

Well, I have THE magic word to get you out of any of these situations!! No, I'm not talking about WTF (which unless you're sending a text message, still counts as 3 words). Besides, the powerful word I am about to demonstrate for you can get you out of these situations PAINLESSLY and without repercussions.

Don't believe me? Well, for 3 easy payments of $19.95, you too can have the rights to use the word, "HUH!!" Now, please don't confuse this mighty word with the connotation often expressed with in the form a question (damn you Alex Trebek).

Huh? That's the wrong inflection and can only lead to trouble, or looking like an ignorant putz. HUH!! It's the magic word with the hidden mojo.

Think about using it as, "HUH! I hadn't thought of that before", or "HUH! What an interesting choice". The art of this word is making sure you say the word WITHOUT sounding like "Insert WTF here!!"

For example:
Client - Grandy, we want you to jump through this flaming hoop...backwards...on your head...while shoving knives into your eyes.
Grandy - HUH!!
***What they hear is, "HUH! That sounds like an interesting challenge!"
***What you mean is, "HUH! You truly think I get paid enough to wipe your butt??"

Girlfriends - WE BOUGHT TURTLES!!!
Grandy - HUH!!
***What they hear is, "HUH! Why didn't I think of that?"
***What you mean is, "HUH! What the hell for??" or "On Purpose??"

Hubby - I have no clean pants to wear.
Grandy - HUH!!
***What he hears is, "HUH! That's unfortunate, let me get that taken care of."
***What you mean is, "HUH! Well, that wouldn't be the case if you'd either wash some yourself, or tell me about it before you run out (while you're rubbing my feet)." Wait, that one really becomes too much of a fantasy. I think you get my point.

You should try it!! It's amazing how many people I've turned on to that one little word, because it works!!! You'll see that it will allow you to escape any awkward situation with your job, marriage, and pride in tact.

Try it for 30 days...or your money back!! GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be missing all my blogging buds while I'm in the Hospital!

See you on the other side!!


April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'll definitely be popping back in here quite often. I love new bloggy-friends. :-)
(P.S. you're not weird to eat your pb cups that way...I just found out one of my coworkers does it too! LOL)

Anonymous said...


just sending you a wish that everything goes well and that you're feeling better soon!!!

OHmommy said...

Good luck tomorrow. Sending you lots of warm wishes and bloggy hugs.

Linda said...

Hey - Thanks for the kind thoughts! No I'm not dead, just feeling a little like you... I'll be back to read what I've missed a little later, but just wanted to drop by and say howdy!

jess said...

this is hilarious.

i have a hard time saying no. it's why i'm late for everything and always have a back log of projects.

gah! i'm gonna try saying HUH from now on instead.

jess said...

and i gotta know how you eat the PB cups. they are one of my fave treats. i can't find it on your blog - which means i'm blind or dumb. and both are possible.

Anonymous said...

Good vibrations heading your way! I hope all goes well and that the healing is quick and easy.

dawn224 said...

mmm I may have to post my "how nice for you" joke - it's the same kind of thing. :)

krissy said...

I so hope your feeling okay! I'm thinking about you!!

Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

aw man, i got my days confused and thought you were going in tomorrow. i'm so sorry. but, i'm thinking about you and sending feel good vibes your way. ZAP! Feel them? :-)

Oh, and i was one of those original 2 readers. i need a t-shirt or a plaque on your wall. ;-)

Malone! said...

Sending good wishes and speedy recovery time! email me with the details...I'm home tomorrow, but so is Grant (don't be knocking, okey dokey!) hugs!

Melissa said...

Looking forward to the next post, home, in your recliner playing with your... um... "wood" ;)

Mrs. G. said...

I'm thinking about you girlie.

Mike Golch said...

Grandy.I just came by to say Hi,and warn you that a tag has come your way.

Kelly O said...

Good luck today!

Travis said...

Huh! Who knew? I've been using the right word this whole time and didn't even know it.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Oz,

There are lots of cement turtles in life - literally and metaphorically. The trick is to know how to avoid being taken in by them!

Grandy said...

First let me say thanks to everyone for your well wishes!!! I made it home from the hospital today.

April~ Well...I am blessed with several bloggy friends and there's always room for more!

wreke~ Thanks lovely lady!

OHMommy~ Hugs back atcha you class act!

Linda~ Well, hope you're back on your feet soon.

Grandy said...

Jess~ Thanks for stopping by! The pb thing was on April's site. But I eat them from the center so all the pb is eaten first and I'm left with a circle of chocolate. Or I did eat them that way that is. Don't eat them anymore.

tree lady~ Thanks for the vibrations...I hear the beach boys every time I read your comment.

Dawn~ Oh do post the "how nice for you" and let me know when it's there. I'm also kinda fond of "sucks to be you".

Krissy~ YOU ROCK!!

Curb~ You do deserve a t-shirt. We'll have to make a team shirt or something.

Malone~ Your door is safe. Didn't get out of the hospital until today.

Grandy said...

Melissa~ Lovin' my "wood", thanks!!

Mrs. G.~ Luv you!!

Mike~ A tag huh? I'll have to go check it out.

Kelly~ Thanks sweets!!

Travis~ Trust're smarter than you think. ;)

David~ Profound indeed. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Tina Coruth said...


I'm just getting caught up from another computer enforced offline vacation. The only good part of that is that I know from your first post that you are home and well. :-)

Your story is hilarious! Is it ok to take a free trial? LOL


Grandy said...

Tina~ I'm feeling yourself to that trial. Lemme know how it works for ya!!