Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Am I Crazy?

I've been tagged yet again (although it was many moons and a lunar eclipse ago). Sandy has tagged me with Crazy 8’s Meme through her Twofer Tuesday.

I'm supposed to share way too much information about myself so that I assure to bore you to tears, make you laugh until you cry, or just outright cry. Whatever floats your boat.

8 Things I’m Passionate About -
- Being the best Mom I can be (while hoping that's enough)
- Being the best wife I can be (without losing myself in the process)
- Blogging? Does this count??
- Diabetes - It rules my life
- Exploring my faith
- The Boy Scouts - Oh yea, we've been involved since Ty was a Tiger.
- Being true to my word - without it...what's the point?
- Being a kind person

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die: (Lofty goals hoping I'll be around for a LONG time)
- Travel to Australia, Paris, Italy, London...you get the point.
- Go Whitewater Rafting - Maybe this summer??
- Catch up on all the programs on my TiVo - Can I help it if my blogging has slowed me down?
- Watch Ty get married - What parent wouldn't want their child to be happy?
- Meet my Grandchildren - I hope to be around that long
- Witness a cure for Diabetes - This darn thing BITES!
- Write a book - If I can get focused enough
- Dance with my husband - We danced at our wedding and he said we were good.

8 Things I Say Often:
- "That's AWESOME!" - I know, very like valley girl like...but hey what can I do?
- "This would be where your ESQ should come in handy" - Oh yea, I defer to the attorneys quite often.
- "Hangin' In / Hangin' On" - In response to "How are you?"
- "That's why you get the big bucks." - The bosses aren't too fond of it but they get used to it.
- "Did you feed the cat? Clean your room? Brush your teeth?" etc.
- "What the f***?"
- "I Love You"

8 Books I’ve read recently: (Do Books on CD count?) Please keep in mind I've been trying to finish my claims designation.
- Practice and Pleadings
- Law of Subrogation
- The Four Agreements
- LifeScripts
- Beyond this I'm really going to have to steal credit for all the magazines, blogs, cookbooks, etc.

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over And Over: (Seriously? Has anyone read my bio? I SUCK at name that tune!)

- "Hold On" from The Secret Garden - It was so applicable at a low time in my life
- "You're still you" by Josh Groban - Danced with Dad to this in my wedding...Still miss him!!
- Anything from Rent
- "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables
- "Rich Girl" from Gwen Stefani
- "The National Anthem"
- "Ironic" from Alanis Morissette
- Most Disney songs
(I know...who has Alanis & Disney in the same list? Hey I never promised that my list would make sense.)

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends: (These go without saying)
- Honesty
- Sense of Humor
- Fun
- Sense of adventure (it's almost like a warning class is needed if going anywhere with me)
- Sincerity
- Insightful
- Openness
- Hygiene (kidding...but really I was running out of answers here)

8 People I Think Should Do Crazy 8’s:
I'm going to tag my new EW friends to play this one...if they haven't already.
You know who you are...Dre? You can do yours after your homework is done.

WHEW!! That was hard!!!!! I know I'm bored with me already.

More funnies tomorrow, but I didn't want Sandy thinking I was avoiding her.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hygiene? That's genius.

Sandy C. said...

LOL! Avoiding me??? Puh-lease! You're such a dedicated visitor to my blog, you must be kidding! Plus, me + meme's...I can never keep track.

Loved your crazy 8's! I had no idea you have Diabetes. I had to deal with that only for a few months while preggo, and it was TORTURE! The diet restrictions nearly killed me.

I'm so impressed that none of your books are children's books :) I loved the 4 Agreements.

Thanks so much for playing!

Mike Golch said...

when you get done reading this one,wellllll,as you told Sandra"take two asperins and blogme in the morning"is just hysterical.I may just have to steal that one.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ Thanks! It is important. ;)

Sandy~ I think I did forget to come tell you I finally did this. Glad you found it anyway. :)

Mike~ I'll be taking more than aspirin in the mornin', that's for sure.

storyteller said...

You’re a better bloggin’ gal that I my dear. I’m so impressed at your meme of 8s! It’s fun learning more about ya this way … but I’m glad ya didn’t tag me … ‘cuz I can’t sustain my attention long enough to list any more things about myself (and no one who reads my blog wants to know more about me after my list of 101 Things)!
Hugs and blessing

Grandy said...

sotryteller~ 101 things? I can't imagine finding that many interesting things abot myself. ;)

Tina Coruth said...


That is a long meme - congratulations! It's nice to learn more about you. Love that "light" reading you've been doing lately. How do you find time for anything else??