Sunday, January 6, 2008

In, On, Getting Into or UNDER the Bus

Bad weather's got nothing on this Grandy Family!! Ok...maybe just a little.

We just got power back in the house sometime late last night. If I judge it by the blinking alarm clock, it looks like it was about 11:30 last night. It's amazing how many times I wanted to walk over to my computer. It was like something was calling me.

"'re forgetting something...come here!!"

Alas, without power, I ignored my inner voice and urge to go to my desk. What would be the point? I can't sort my husbands receipts in the dark, can't use the shredder, can't post on my BLOG!! Must. Fight. The. URGE!!!

As I said, the power came on late last night. When I woke up this morning, my son was already at my desk. And there it was. Staring me in the face! In the middle of EVERYTHING!!! The spot where I put important reminders!!

Memo: Albert leaves for Iraq next week. Surprise party for him at the Johnson's house. 6pm SATURDAY!!!

Saturday? As in LAST NIGHT??

OMG!!! This is one of Hubby's old friends that he hasn't seen in a while. They called late Wednesday, while hubby was out of town (and already sleeping because we had talked an hour before when he said he would be). I made the note to tell him about the party the next day. Chaos ensued, and he wasn't home the next day. Then further chaos with the storm, no power and no phones (no brain apparently).

I FORGOT TO TELL HIM!!!! ACK!!! CRAP!!! (Insert appropriate expletives here***)

After a quick warning to my son that I goofed up on this, what it means, and that he may wish to make sure he is a model citizen today so he is not caught in the cross-fire, I started to plan how I would tell him when he woke. I considered the following:

Option A: RUN FAR...nah...that wouldn't work, I have to come home sometime.
Option B: Leave a note explaining, and tell him to call me when he's cooled off. Well, that wouldn't have worked for the obvious reasons.
Option C: See what kind of mood he's in when he wakes up (making sure to let him sleep as long as humanly possible) and gently own up to this horrible wrong. It was a complete oversight and there is NO excuse, but I have to own it. Let's face it, were the shoe on the other foot I'd be upset too.

Yep!! I would have to go with Option C. It's only the right thing to do...I'll tell him when I know he's good and awake...and I'm good and ready!

Readers...I should warn you that the following acts are real. I am still in shock over the betrayal, and am currently plotting my revenge as we speak.

Hubby: So, now that we have power, what is on our agenda for today? (sounds promising, does it not??)
Me: I don't know yet. (Knowing that what I tell him may affect his wanting to spend time with me)
Ty: Hey Mom!! Don't you have something you have to tell him?? (Gasp!!)

**The sound you are hearing is my son throwing me in front of the bus!! I'm torn between my anxiety for disappointing Hubby and the urge of beating my son to a pulp!!**

Me: Et tu, Brute?? (Oh yea, I've got your number now, you little turd!!)
Ty: Huh?? (as he recognizes the stink eye and begins to shrink)
Me: All those times you ask me..."Please don't tell HIM" and I help you work things out??
Hubby: Will someone please tell me what's going on?!?

Needless to say, when I did tell him, he was disappointed. Of coarse he was!! His longtime friend is leaving to fight in the war and I forgot to tell him about the going away party? What the hell kind of wife does that???? He was silent, and said he understands how things got crazy. He wasn't mad at me? I think I could feel less guilty if he were?? I almost cried. I could still cry!! focus I metaphorically declared war on my only offspring. It pains me to have to take my revenge, albeit only a little, but it has to be done. It is defining moments like these that draw that line. He knows the game is on now...just by the following statement.

Me: *Smiling like I've just lost my mind* Oh, and honey? Remember those earrings you bought that little girl in your class while we were in Mexico? (The ones you didn't want Dad knowing about because he would have teased you incessantly, you little adorable turd!) You might want to make sure those get into your backpack before school tomorrow, so you remember to give them to her.
Ty: (With a look that he now fully understands how deeply he wounded me, and fears that he will suffer for this choice for some time) Uh-huh...I will do that now.

Now would be one of those times where I must reflect back on happier moments with my son. Oh Wait!! I KNOW!! None of you had seen this post, because it was one of my first, but it's a good one to keep in my back pocket for just these moments. Temporary Coolness is highly recommended, along with deep breathing excersises, to maintain sanity.


Mrs. G. said...

I too have been thrown under the bus by my kids. So I feel your pain and dilight in your son's impending pain (insert evil mother laugh here)

Mike Golch said...

Art Linkletter said it best in his Book"Kids say the darndest things"
I maybe showing my age a little bit with this remark,but what the Hell on 1/22/08 I'll be 56 so no biggie!
As far as being thrown under a bus some of my co-workers did that to me when I was in the USAF,and that seems centuries ago to me.

storyteller said...

Sounds like a tough day all around (thinking that all I have to worry about is my roses I'm feeling a bit chagrinned). I hope hubby got to talk with his buddy on the phone before he left. It's not the same thing, but it works for my sister and me. As for the little t___ ( TYKE is what I had in mind because I'm no fool and know better than to call other people's kids names), I'm reminded of a post I read recently on waiting before responding to frustrating situations. It was a stitch, and if you'd like visit (for the catharsis) I'll seek it out and pass it along ... later.
Hugs and blessings,

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Grandy,
Wow, I know you could have just killed that little stinker. LOL. I'm glad your hubby didn't get mad at you and that he understood. I sure wish this war was over with. I have also been thrown under a bus by my kids before. I could have just killed them. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

michele tune said...

Are you flat - like on a cartoon? You know, from being thrown under the bus? *Giggles!*

Whew. Glad it's over and your husband isn't hideously angry.

Way to go, girl!

Aw, poor, poor Ty...


I don't know. Maybe you should watch out for payback. After all, he's YOUR child! He He!


Grandy said...

Mrs. G.~ The fun part is that I'm still bringing it up. I'm hoping it will be a while before he tries it again. ;)

Mike~ My Dad and I used to talk about that book a lot. He and I were big fans.

storyteller~ "Tyke" I like it!! Can I use it when I'm feeling the urge to call him a turd?? ;)

Karen~ Sometimes I wonder if I give hubby enough credit...then he'll do something that stops the wondering.

Michele~ Poor Ty is right...his mom uses phrases like "Et tu Brute" and somehow expects him to understand. He's doomed for sure!! :D

Tina Coruth said...


I'm glad it turned out okay. I hope Ty has learned his lesson - one must never cross MOM! LOL

I enjoy reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Grandy said...

Anon~ Well thank you!! I'm forever trying to learn and grow.