Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll Give You a Full Moon Alright!!

I tell you...this Grandy is THRILLED to see the end of this week.

I know many of you are not all that superstitious, but did anyone notice how FULL the moon was this week? Seriously? It was beautiful and yet daunting all the while.

For a few days before, and even a few days after, my life tends to be crazy for unexplained reasons. I don't even realize when it's supposed to be a full moon. If I'm just having a few days where strange things keep happening and I happen to look up and say...A HA!!! I'm always one to accept responsibility for MY actions but when the weird stuff is flyin'? NO WAY!!

Folks...Hubby had an accident in his semi yesterday. He's alright (THANK YOU LORD!!) and the truck doesn't seem that bad off so far (smaller thank you, Lord, because I realize what's truly important in this). Isn't it funny how things like that can totally rattle you? Not funny in a belly laugh kinda way, but funny in a get down and kiss the ground kinda way.

With what I do for a living, I'm very well aware of what CAN happen in these accidents. I don't think I have to tell you how completely relieved I am about the fact that none of those things DID happen yesterday.

So...I've decided to change my outlook on this whole full moon thing. I still think weird things are going to happen because...well...let's face it...I have no control over the crap. However, I'm going to try and find the positive in the weirdness.

For instance:
1. Accident happens...He's not HURT. :)
2. Have an unexplained "blood pressure episode"...Boss looks for ways to help with my workload.
3. Son has to be home sick with cold...I GET to take care of him (as he gets bigger I don't get to do that as much any more)

Now...if only this positive kharma could find it's way in to affecting my income flow? Let's think positive energy because Grandy's got a hefty deductible staring her in the face.



Dens said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay...I know the family history of accidents..hehe
Full moon has the same affect on my end..especially at work...we get some crazies.
Hope Ty is feeling better.
Oh..and don't forget to Works best on the bathroom floor. ;)

Michele L. Tune said...

You're right: THANK THE LORD! It could have been sooooooooooooo much worse. He had Someone watching after him. :-)

That was kind of your boss to help with the workload situation. Hope you manage to keep your blood pressure under control. Take care of yourself....

Aw, you got to take care of Tyler. How tweet. :-) Um... yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose. :-)

Thanks for sharing.



Mrs. G. said...

I'm so glad you hubby is OK. I try to remember how lucky I am each day, but I forget a lot.

Sandy C. said...

FIrst! So glad to hear that everyone is alright...It is amazing how things like this can really put things back into perspective.

I hope your son feels better soon, and your blood pressure resolves.

Have a great weekend.

Christina said...

If ever you blog picture and title were spot on, it seems this week was perfect for it!!

Full moons make my cats go that is how my week has been in the house anyway. Entertaining to say the least.

I am so glad that everyone is OK and hope that your son feels better soon.


OHmommy said...

Glad to hear he is okay.

Nice way of looking at things. I get so lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life... I forget often.

Professor J said...

I'm so glad the accident wasn't worse. Here's to good money vibes!

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Grandy,
Oh my goodness, I hate to hear your hubby had a wreck. I had no idea he drove a big truck. My DH drives one as well. Him and his Uncle Team Drive. "PRAISE GOD" he wasn't hurt. I always worry about my DH when he is out on the road. He is a good driver, but you don't know what the other person is going to do. I don't guess I seen the moon at night this past week. Usually I don't get out after dark unless I just have to. It was so nice of your boss to help you out with the workload. Don't let it stress you out too much tho. Stress can be bad. You must take care of your Son. Seems like everyting else is going up except a person's pay check. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

krissy said...

Hey bloggy friend!!!

I'm so thankful that your hubs is ok. And hopefully your son feels better soon too!

I'm going to send good kharma your way....wait....I don't have good kharma. Darn....I'll send positive prayers your way though!

Keep Smiling! :-)

Linda said...

You know, our bodies are 98% water...and a fraction of a percent of alcohol...but we won't talk about that right now... anyway - tides (water) ebb and flow with the moon phases, we just have to learn to be aware that our moods tend to do the same thing. You are smart to turn the situation around and look for the good.. that "dens" and the bathroom floor comment was funny - heading over there!

Kelly O said...

Lady, I like your attitude.

Grandy said...

Dens~ LOL!! Methinks I must try the bathroom floor.

Michele~ Hubby did have someone watching indeed. Thanks!

Mrs. G.~ It's quite easy to forget, you're not alone.

Sandy~ I sometimes struggle with perspective... but am thankful for the reminders.

Ohmommy~ Is it hustle & bustle? I thought it was "hustle & flow". ;)

TP~ Son is is good. So glad you could stop by. Good to see ya!!

Professor~ Thanks for the vibe candy...I'll take what I can get. ;)

Karen~ You are silly...OF COURSE I know your hubby also drives a truck. Anyone who's ever read your blog knows that. ;)

Krissy~ Since you can't control Kharma (not that you don't have any) I appreciate your prayers.

Linda~ Yes, Dens is a hoot... You'll enjoy her.

KellO~ Thanks!! Glad you could stop by!! Happy Belated...again!

Mike Golch said...

Sorry that you child was sick,Glad that your BH was not hurt in the accedent.
Yes the full moon brings out the crazyness in us.I used to hate being at work when there was a full moon,the staff was worse that the inmates,you could lock down a troblesome inmate,you could not lock down an out of control Corrections officer.
And Yes God does watch over us.

bipolarlawyercook said...

Glad to hear all is well. I actually read a study done in two Boston hospital emergency rooms. Accidental injuries and mental illness episodes were found to be HIGHLY correlated with the day before, day of, and day after the full moon, regardless of day of the week or month of the year. Weird.

storyteller said...

Wow ... looks like I missed all the excitement. I'm happy to know all's well and my compliments on the "mature" and positive way you opted to handle all this. My "ex" was a Psychiatric Social Worker who used to complain about the crazy things that people did when the moon was full too. I guess there's some truth there. Life's been busy for me, but hopefully things will slow down soon.
Hugs and blessings,

Grandy said...

Mike~ I bet you wanted to put your co-workers in with the inmates then?

Lawyerlady~ Thanks for validating my superstition. :)

storyteller~ I don't think I want to know what your ex would say about me. ;)

Tina Coruth said...


I'm glad that your husband is Okay and that your boss helped out when the workload was too much.
Take care!