Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Kinda Deserved This

See this picture? ---------------------------------------->>>>>>>

The one over there? ----------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, it's an image I've seen a little bit of this week.

Let's go back a little (insert Waynes World fantasy sequence here...Dooddleeedooot dooddlleeeeee doooo! **waving fingers)

I ordered my personalized license plates that read: SLVR BG
(Readers, please use your imagination to realize there is a heart on the left. Regrettably my technical inadequacies extend beyond the ability to get that inserted here)

Well, Hubby was recently able to pick up the plates (after waiting 2 1/2 months) for me on Wednesday (after spending 2 hours at the DMV...THANK YOU HUBBY!!).

Well, Thursday I had a lot of driving to do, and so very little time to do it. I had to travel 114 miles in under two hours. There was a whole lot of traffic and a toll bridge in between, so it was going to be a challenging feat, but I had to give it a shot.

We won't discuss how fast I was going then the officer stopped me, although I was now only 10 miles from my destination. Needless to say I got a fat ticket. We're talking FAT ticket, people!! Darn it, I would have made it to my 3:30 appointment on time. As it was, I was only about 5 minutes late.

What could I say? I made it those 114 miles, through the traffic and the toll bridge in about an hour and a half (is the math catching up to you?) and was cruising right along. The officer walked up to the window, and wouldn't you know...I had to go potty real bad too.

He says, "I clocked you going XX miles, ma'am." "Really? Well, alrighty...but could we make this fast? I gotta go potty!!" I handed him my stuff and he actually hurried for me!! Fastest ticket taker in the west, I am!!

I guess if I am looking on the bright side, I should see it as a gracious sign that my reminder to SLOW DOWN in driving, work, life, etc., came by way of a speeding ticket and not by way of an accident (Sorry Dens).

Wanna hear the kicker? I get a voicemail from hubby 15 minutes later telling me to watch out for that spot because there was an officer sitting there over the hill with his radar gun on. Little late, hun, but thanks for the heads up!!


Dens said...

Thanks for thinking of think...hehehe...Well, if the only choices to remind you to slow down are an accident or a ticket..I'm glad it was the ticket...(wow, flashbacks) aren't alone...I got one on 12/31/07 on my way to work...I don't know what got in to me...I NEVER can ask anyone. Stay safe, speed buggy...

Suzanne said...


I tend to gravitate about 5 miles over the limit, but I look like a pokey compared to everyone else!

(The one time I wound my Miata up to 120, I'd just gotten off the CB with the trooper that patrolled that section of road-we'd become CB buds!)

Mrs. G. said...

Bummer! But you did make good time.

Michele L. Tune said...

Aw, maybe it really is a sign that you need to slow down. Take care of yourself! You're blessed to have not been in an accident.

I'm so glad it was just a ticket and that the officer was gracious enough to let you "go!" :-)


Grandy said...

Dens~ It's the least I can do. You know to this day Ty asks me, "Are we talking about Denise in Auburn or the Denise you hit with your car?".

Suzanne~ Let's just say I "gravitate" to far more than the 5 mph over.

Mrs. G~ I know!! I would have made it too!!!

Michele~ Slow down in many ways, I know. ;)

Mike Golch said...

Man the best I could do with my Ply.Duster was 110 that is when I got the hay wait aminuit thing running through my head and slowed down to the psoted 70 MPH limit,Yes I said 70 that was back in 1978.When I was moving back Home from Ca to Ohio.

krissy said...

Ha, Ha....I hate getting pulled over because of the looky-loos who stare at you like your a crack addict getting busted. I was pulled over once b/c my headlight was out. 5 fricking cop cars pulled up behind the original one. I looked like I just threatened to kill the president! Geesh....I got out of the car to look at the so called missing headlight, hit the light at which turned on (obviously had a short), proceeded back to my car with a nice "hmmmpphhh" to the big bad cops.

Grandy said...

Mike~ I can tell you can relate to this one. :)

Krissy~ That's really what sucked about this ticket. I traveled 114 miles and get a ticket within 5 miles from my house. Where I live there's only one road in or out of the town and people KNOW MY CAR! Hubby had 3 calls before the end of the night about it. SUCK!!

Tina Coruth said...


My husband says he never speeds. It's been years since he has had a speeding ticket. Before you congratulate him on his strict adherence to the speed limits you should know that the tickets stopped just about the time he got a radar detector. Coincidence? I think not! It worries me.

I'm really glad that all that happened was that you got a ticket. Take care!