Friday, January 4, 2008

I'll take a GO!!

Hello Readers!! I write this post to say happy WINDSDAY!!!

We're having quite the storm here. No worries...I didn't drive my cute little bug today...I drove the 1-ton truck (I smart lady). There are trees everywhere in the road, power lines are swaying, and I even had to go help my assistant get a tree off her car.

I do officially look like a drowned-wet-rat!!

I have had no power at my house all day, so I'm not sure when I will get to post or comment. It's only going to get worse, so the bosses are sending us home early.

**shhhh*** Ixnay on the Ostingpay from Orkway!!

I couldn't NOT tell you why I might be gone for a couple days!! What kind of friend would I be? You'd be all worried, and send out the search party, or be thinking that I left to go back to Mexico (hmmmmm).

Let's send our love to Dee, over at onthecurb, who is locked and loaded to have her twins TOMORROW!!!!! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and legs for you Dee!! You're beautiful and you're going to do fine!! Remember to BREATHE!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! And Happy WINDSDAY!!!! Let's go play in the rain...shall we?


Mike Golch said...

Well,well,well,no power no fun!
speaking of drowned rats,every time I give Harvey our cat he looks like a verry unhappy drowned rat.and is verry vocal about the bath.

Mrs. G. said...

Stay dry, kiddo.

Christina said...

Hi Grandy! I see your comments all the time over at Dee's place and finally came to check out yours. I hope you have survived the storm. It's now down here in San Diego (or, heading this way as the wind has started howling) for the weekend. I'll be in full on happy baby mode tomorrow for Dee!!


michele tune said...

AW, I hope you're dry and warm now!

Stay safe...


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Grandy,
I do hope the storm has passed now. I hope you are warm and dry as well. I heard something on the Weather Channel a bit ago about something going on out there with the storm. I'm too tired tonight to pay attention. LOL. I have been gone all day and haven't been home very long. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

storyteller said...

It looks like trouble up there in Northern California, but it's not been so bad down south around me. Molly's driving me crazy (energetic active pup that she is) because she needs to run but (for some odd reason) this water dog of mine, who plays joyfully in the surf, finds rain disturbing somehow and refuses to play outside when the wet stuph falls. 'Tis a puzzlement! I hope you have fun wherever you've gone and will wait for details when you return.
Hugs and blessings,

Sandy C. said...

Ooh, that doesn't sound like any fun. I hope you manage to stay dry and get your power back throughout this weekend.

Grandy said...

Mike~ My cat can't stand baths either.

Mrs. G~ What's the fun in that??

Christina~ Alas! The mystery of the identity of the TPGoddess is solved!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Michele~ Toasty & warm! We are quite fortunate, thanks!!

Karen~ Thanks for your concerns...hope you got some rest!

storyteller~ Perhaps I could send my dogs down there to chase her??

Grandy said...

Sandy~ Oops!! You snuck that comment in while I was commenting. We survived...thanks!!

Mike Golch said...

Grady,if you can find my blog at look closely at the Hammered Dulicmer picture you can see Harvey,he is to the left of the dulicmer and next to the stairs.Of course you may nedd to lighten the picture up a bit,I'm not sure.
I once drew a freehand cartoon of harvey getting a bath in the basement sink,My wife really got a kick out of it.

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Grandy,

I hope these "windsdays" don't happen very often! And I hope all went well for Dee. :-)