Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Adventures Part 1 - Blog for Money??

Well folks...I have been having so much fun with my blog, and meeting so many blogging buddies, that I've decided to venture out and try new things. 2008 is the year I'm going to try new adventures in writing.

What that means at this point, I have no idea. Maybe it just means that I'll learn how to put a "strikethrough" in my words. That would be kewl and somehow I would feel like I've made it...just a little.

My blog buddy, Michele at Writing the Cyber Highway, is usually a great resource for trying different things online. I like to follow her site, and Write-From-Home, where Amy Derby never ceases to amaze me with her vast resources and knowledge.

A while back, Michele mentioned she had started working with Smorty, a blog advertising service that connects advertisers with bloggers. You mean you can actually get paid to do this?? I'm not sure about the amount of traffic I have on my site, but I'd just love it if people stop and comment. ***Sigh...remembering the first time Mrs. G. stumbled into my site, and the fateful moment when Dee at On The Curb dared me to join that NaBloPoMo thingy, makes me just a bit verklempt.*** But Michele is happy with it, and so I'll give it a shot!

I've seen many advertisements on different blogs, and never really been sure on how that works. Poor Sandy at Momisodes had that episode where she blogged about potty training and somehow a link popped to adult diapers (I did say popped and not pooped, right? whew!)

So, here's the deal, you sign up and they pay you for posts. I'm still learning the specifics, but they have to review your site, approve your site, and then they start offering you opportunities you can blog about. You don't have to take everything that comes your way. I can't say that I'm a pro on most stuff. But it looks like their shopping for opinions, and who has more than me?? (Alright...I could name several of you, I know.)

So far I must be doing something right because I've been approved. Now...let the payments begin. If anyone is interested, you can find more information through this site (that I'm also posting on the side...over there...yep, to the right ------->).

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

I'll have to keep you all posted with how this works. But if I forget...feel free to ask!! Let me know if you decide to try it out. My reading population, all 15 or so of you, could take this blog advertising thing by storm!!!!

I'm off to go see what opportunities or "campaigns" they have to offer!!



Writing the Cyber Highway said...

Awesome! I think you'll love how easy Smorty is to use.

Can't wait to read your creative advertisements!

Whew! I thought I was going to have to go to sleep without a fresh post...

Oh, and thanks for the link love, the compliments, and for another entertaining post!


Grandy said...

Now Michele, why would I send you to bed with that not so fresh feeling? It's me!! ;)

Thanks for stoping by and being entertained!!

michele tune said...

I just published your comment over at my blog and isn't that funny that you were over there and I was over here! Ha!

Thanks so much for sparing me from that stale blog feeling. :-)


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Grandy,
Wow, I think this is so cool. "CONGRATULATIONS" on your new adventure here. I do hope it works out for you and you are successful in it. I will keep checking in with you and if things are going well for you, I may just give it a try myself. One can always use some extra cash these days huh? "THANK YOU" for sharing this with us. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm all for a little green. It's inspirational.

Sandy C. said...

Guuuurrrrl! Sending you a virtual high five for taking the leap :)

Now you've done it!!! Now I'm going to have to click on that Smorty banner on your page and read all about this crap that will probably reject me...thanks lady :)

Grandy said...

Hi Karen~ I can always count on you to leave a sweet comment. Not that I'm soliciting it, but Thank you for your kindness.

Mrs. G~ Wasn't it one of your resolutions to go "green" this year??

Sandy~ If I make more than $10, I'll have caught up to you in your craziness. ;)

Mike Golch said...

well let's see,reading your stuff makes me think that I'm horibly out distanced,by you Any and a heck of a lot others that I'm just tryint to treadwater and barely doing that.But than again I will be 56 this month and this old dog is verry slow to learn new tricks.
This old man does enjoy reading other's blogs though. And commenting on the remarks made in the blogs make me feel that I can hold my own somewhat.Peace,love,and most of all GGod bless,Mike Golch

Grandy said...

Hi Mike!! You're doing JUST FINE!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

storyteller said...

Good for you! I'm most impressed, but I plan to observe from the sidelines and learn from your experience rather than jump in myself at this point. I just want to PLAY on my own terms and don't want to think about anything other than having fun and learning new things at my age.

Hey -- Congrats on the Bodacious Blog award. I see you've also added my "thank you" graphic (and emphasized the lower case "s" in my pseudonym). Bold ... very bold of you.

Best wishes on this venture ... (making a note to myself to learn to use strike throughs and such to keep up with Grandy).
Hugs and blessings,

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I too have heard this rumor--I will be watching you to see how it goes. I'm assuming I should blog for at least a month befor I look into myself! Thanks for sharing your info.

Melissa said...


In your html field, enclose the word(s) you want to strike through with these "tags"

<strike> words you want striked through go here </strike>

Mrs. F said...

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