Monday, December 24, 2007

I will need a DRINK for this one!!!

Did I mention my fear of heights? Perhaps some of you may remember I had previously mentioned my fear of going downhill on my ATV?

Why must my friends and family insist on testing my bravery??

As you read this, today we are to participate in our "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure". For two months now I have been mentally preparing myself for this:

Then I get an email that confirms the trip, and reminds me to wear the appropriate shoes for this:

What???? Are these people friggin nuts??? WHY???? They ARE trying to kill me...aren't they?? What's that saying...with friends like these...???

***Please note that this post is supposed to be posted on 12/22/07. If it posts at any other time, then I really screwed up somewhere and I apologize. But please pray I make it back alive...I know I am!!***


Tina Coruth said...

Wow! I wish I had the nerve to do something like this. I hope you have a great time and please, take care!!


Tina Coruth said...

Your post made me forget why I stopped by. LOL

Merry Christmas!!


Melissa said...

First, have, er... "fun?" :oO

About the advanced posting thing... I'm not sure what's happening with that. I get notified of new posts through Bloglines and *then* I check out the actual blog when it says something new has been posted. Today Bloglines said you had two new posts (the two most recent ones). So I came here and noticed there were other posts that Boglines never told me about (also some of your pre-dated ones.) I have no idea if they're posting to your actual blog on the correct dates, but my Bloglines account definitely seems to be confused! :D

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Grandy,
OH MY GOSH, I can't believe you are going to try that. LOL. I would need more than 1 drink to do that. LOL. Probably a whole Keg before I could do something like that. LOL. I am so very scared of heights myself. I have flown before, but I was sure scared while flying. I do hope you had a good time while doing this adventure. Now, your gonna have to show us some pictures of this adventure. Anyway, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to you and yours from our Family. Take care my friend and have a great Christmas Day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Writing the Cyber Highway said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you make it back in one piece :-)

Christmas smiles,

storyteller said...

You're a braver woman than I Grandy. I'd watch and take photos, but I don't think I'd risk life and limb at this point. This one DID post on the 24th as intended (and it's possible the previous one was on correct date too). My Google Reader is as confused at Melissa's reader ... is it really called Boglines?

I hope you return to us safely with stories to tell!
Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. G. said...

Honey, I'm with you. Tuck that flask in your belt and say a prayer. I admire your moxy.

Sandy C. said...

W.O.W!!!! You are officially me hero! I'm terrified of heights, but this looks like so much fun :) You can do it!
Wishing you all the best (and a safe return)!

Grandy said...

Tina~ Not sure nerve had much to with it. Can we say...sucker??

Melissa~ I actually did have issues getting them posted. I had scheduled one for 12/20 and one for 12/22...I managed to sneak on on 12/24 and get them both there. I need lessons I think. ;)

Karen~ Thanks for your warm sentiments, as always.

Michele~ Yep...One piece!! :D

Storyteller~ Your Google Reader is's my Grandy Writer that's a problem.

Mrs. G~ Bottoms up became belly up...lemme tell you.

Sandy~ Had you seen me out there looking like my idol, Lucille Ball, I'm not sure "hero" would be the word to describe me.

Melissa said...

Ha! I knew I'd forgotten to check the box to email me if you replied to this! Lol!

If you're trying to post in advance by dating the posts later, it probably won't work. What you could try doing (and maybe you did try this) is to email your post and set your email program to mail your post on a certain day/time (and make sure you leave your computer on or set it to wake at the right time to do this!)

Regardless, I'm glad you made it back in one piece!

And storyteller, it figures I spelled BLOGlines correctly in my comment a bunch of times and you caught the one time I left out the "L"! Lol!

Mike Golch said...

Fantastic photos,and yes some people are crazy like foxes to go out and enjoy thigs like these.
I one climbed between a bridge abutment and a buildin some 50 feet along with my best friend,we did it just to see if we could.Ah being a teen again and not know that you cant do anything that you want.