Thursday, December 10, 2009

Titles Shmitles

Although these comments aren't as funny as previous episodes of "Things You Hear At My Desk", they are indicative of the how much fun we have in Grandy-land.

There are few things I WON'T say to ANYBODY. Grandy tends to use the "out-loud-voice" whenever possible, regardless of your title. It's not that I don't have any respect for authority, or recognize the importance of a position...quite the contrary. I just happen to think that just because you hold a certain title, it doesn't bar you from getting the real Grandy.

Watch out!!

Big Man 1 (Regional VP of HUGE Company): Thank you for helping us work through this, Mary.
Me: Cum-ba-frickin-ya!

Big Man 2 (Owner of FANCY Restaurant): Now that I'm back in the states, Mary, I need to understand this better. I knew you were just the person to call and ask.
Me: What are you buttering me up for?
Big Man 2: I'm not buttering. I'm just saying you know all this stuff, and will tell me honestly.
Me: Uh-Oh... What did you do?


Big Man 3 (CFO of Company...not sure what they do): Please review this document from our Paris location, and tell me what you think.
Me: Ummm... I think it's in FRENCH!


Not-So-Big-But-Fun-Man: I'm afraid we're about to make your client unhappy, and need to schedule a conference call. We'd like you to be on the call.
Me: Why? Do you need back-up or a witness?


Oh yeah...Grandy is having more fun than should be allowed...with her clothes on.

I wonder if any of these will reflect on my performance appraisal.

Wonder if I care?



Wiggy said...

Ha ha ha go Grandy :D

Joyce-Anne said...

Still giggling. I have two favorites #2,"Uh oh, what did you do?" and "Why do you need back-up or a witness?"

Christina said...

Whoo boy - do I resemble these remarks!!

Mine tend to be tinged with healthy doses of sarcasm. I should probably keep track ;-))

Grandy said...

Wiggy~ ::bowing:: Thank you!! ;)

JA~ He needed a witness...I can tell you that.

Christina~ I be you do resemble these. We're kindred spirits that way.