Monday, November 30, 2009

Who's Yer Baby's Daddy?

YEARS ago Maury Povich used to have a pretty good talk show. Somewhere along the way, the producers of the show turned him into a bit of a daytime Jerry Springer.

I rarely catch any daytime TV (having sworn it off with my medically induced sabaticals) but I had noticed the commercials for the program usually centered around the subject of paternity testing. I once caught an episode where the poor girl had already been on the show 6 times before (or something insane like that) and they still had yet to drill down to who the daddy was.

I felt bad for the poor girl. Really!!

Yesterday, while at the pharmacy, I noticed this:

Oh yeah...Maury should be worried about what this over-the-counter-do-it-yourself paternity test could do for his future episodes.

With this modern little piece of science, little Suzy could buy these in bulk and still have enough for a ring-pop and a root beer. I didn't actually catch what the percentage of accuracy is, but I'm quite certain it couldn't be nearly as accurate as the results on Maury's show. Right? One can hope.

Poor Maury. How will he survive such competition?


Dawn said...

oh good lord. this is awesome. we really need to visit each other more often.

mckinney said...

Well see what they don't tell you is that your paying for the test in the store but once you open that pack you have to pay to have it shipped off which could wind up costing you over 150 bucks. and then you have to be really careful not to contaminate the specimen and another thing you just paid for this test and it cannot be held up in court. In my opinion it's not worth the money. let the professionals handle that.

Momisodes said...

I haven't caught an episode of Maury in a long time, but last I saw, it was very much like you described.

That is too funny they have those over the counter now!

Vixen said...

Crazy thing is, I used to watch Maury also a long, long time ago. I caught one are right it's all Springer action. Ugh. Too bad, I thought Maury was better than that.

Maybe these tests will make him go back to being decent again?

Suzanne said...

We have a few labs around here that have HUGE banners in the window for paternity testing. Makes you wonder if you and your friends all were prudes for having monogamous relationships!

Joyce-Anne said...

I never saw an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. However, I did hear about them doing paternity tests and the suspected father denying the child could be his. Oy! As for OTC tests, I can't help but wonder what's next?

Anonymous said...
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Grandy said...

Dawn~ That we do!!

McKinney~ Oh, I hadn't actually read the moderately-sized print, much less the super fine print.

Sandy~ You know you need to know before babisodesx2 arrives.

Suzanne~ I doubt it... Seriously doubt it.

JA~ Exactly!!

Anon~ Ummmm... I dunno what you said. Sorry!!