Sunday, December 27, 2009

361 Days and Counting...

***Warning: The following post may be written under the influence. It has been a while since Grandy has BUI (Blogged Under the Influence) of medication...but she wanted to warn you in the event of moments of rambling...beyong her normal fear of babbling.***

Grandy has pretty much established that she brought on the sucky year she's had. She had coined Suck-It2008 & Bring-It2009, where she figuratively stuck her chin out to the cosmic gods and said, "HEY YOU!! I CAN TAKE IT!!"

Well, Grandy's 2009 New Years resolution was a pretty easy task (so she thought). She had resolved to have no anesthesia or "-oscopy" in 2009. You see, 2008 she had several "oscopies" and 2 surgeries, she was DONE.

So good. Grandy has had several issues come up, that have caused her to make frequent trips to the doctor, but so far nothing major.

UNTIL...Christmas Eve 2009

Grandy wakes up with nothing short of labor pains. Considering the fact that Grandy is NOT (allow me to repeat NOT) pregnant, this was alarming. Grandy gets in to the doctor, who can't understand what's causing this. "Could this be another kidney stone?" Grandy asks (knowing my history for kidney stones). "Maybe?" He says.

Please understand that the issues Grandy references earlier all have been going on for several months, and for those months, Grandy has asked "Could I be having another kidney stone?". Each time, I've been forced to see a different doctor, go through my medical history, and get yet another round of antibiotics for what they all believed was "a bladder infection". FOR THREE MONTHS?

Grandy gets a free pass to radiology at the Hospital. The ultra-sound makes an unusual exit from the room mid-exam, and comes back. She says she can't make me drink any more water because, "You have a HUGE kidney stone."


There's no reason to be upset, or even anxious about this news. A kidney stone is totally doable and fixable. She takes me back to the waiting room and asks me to wait there. After waiting there for about 20 minutes, another lady says she's there to take me to the emergency room.

"Why?" I ask her.

"Because you apparently have a HUGE kidney stone." She replies.

At this point, no one has been able to give me any specifics, but I'm quickly escorted into the emergency room and given a bed. Luckily, early on Christmas Eve, they're not very busy.

Within a few moments, the ER doctor and nurse are there to see the "modern marvel". "How is it that you're wearing a smile?" the doctor asks me. "You didn't see me earlier, but right now I can finally sit without too much pain. WHY?" I replied.

"You have a 1.4cm kidney stone obstructing your tube." He says.
"Is that big?" I ask.
"Well, we usually measure these in MILIMETERS, and you have 1.4CENTIMETER." He enunciates.
"So...I still don't understand the connection." I replied.
"Hmmm...Let's see. We get patients in here in tears and screaming with 3-5mm stones. You have 3 times that size, and it's creating an obstruction, and you're being nice to my staff." He tries to explain.
"Well, it's not their fault." I replied.

We all laughed at that.

Regardless...Grandy's 2009 resolution may not come to fruition. As of today, I have made it 361 days into the year. The doctors say that I cannot pass this on my own. They've given me pain meds (some dang good ones) and I have to follow up with the Urologist tomorrow.

Good news... I got to come home for Christmas Eve.
Bad News... I will have to have the procedure...probably before the year is out.
Good News... PAIN MEDS!
Bad News... Pain meds make me SO SLEEPY.
Good News... I WAS RIGHT!! And my ongoing issues will be gone when this goes.
Bad News... Anesthesia.

Oh well. Maybe I'll make it to day 364?


Christina said...

Oh lord. Really - they kept saying HUGE??

Wishing you a successful procedure whether it breaks your resolution or not ;-)

And I must say that I know a few others who said Bring it 09....and regretted it's about a simple happy new year this time?

Deanna said...

Ouch. The doctors questioned why my daughter wasn't screaming and throwing fits when she had a kidney stone, too (not THAT huge, though!)

Feel better soon! And Happy New Year despite the /issues/. ;-)

Suzanne said...

You and your phenomenal pain threshold!

Oh, and the past couple of years have been major suckage-I just won't speak of it.

Wanna come convalesce on the couch with me here?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Sorry you've been in so much pain :( We've been sending positive thoughts your way. With you in the ER Christmas Eve night, and me in Urgent Care the day after Christmas...we make good pain buddies! I would say that the intensity of my severe ear infection has been just below what I remember of the good 'ol labor pains. Let's look at it this way...we are getting all the pains out of our nooks and crannies, just in time to start a fresh new page for the new year!! Love you Sis, and feel better soon!!! Jules

Momisodes said...

OMG. Grandy, your strength never ceases to amaze me. I am so sorry you're going through this right now. I hope that everything goes smoothly with your procedure and the pain meds do their job well.

I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

What necessary words... super, magnificent idea

The Mother said...

They let you out of the hospital with a 1.4 CM kidney stone???

LOTS of drugs. Tons of drugs.

Enjoy your holidays.

Joyce-Anne said...

What?! You are incredible! I admire your sense of humor in the face of pain as well as your strength. I truly hope you have a better (and healthier) 2010 lovely lady!!!

Hasta Pasta said...



Sending love, I forgot the Tamales and thought of your dad.

Grandy said...

Christina~ Yep!! HUGE is the word of the day! ;)

Deanna~ Thanks lady, back atcha!!

Suzanne~ Let's convalesce together with WINE!!!

Jules~ Hey SIS!! Hope you're feeling better soon. YAY to the new year!! :)

Sandy~ Thanks luv!

Grandy said...

Anon~ Thanks!

Mother~ They DID!! Spent the Christmas holiday ON drugs.

JA~ Believe it or not...2009 WAS healthier. LOL!!

Hasta~ Well NO snickerdoodles for YOU then. LOL!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I just signed up on this terrific community and wished to say hiya! Have a amazing day!

Grandy said...

Hi Anon~ Sorry for the delayed response on your comment. Welcome to the community!! :)