Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

Wow! I can't believe another holiday season is upon us. It's been an amazing year! Bob got that big promotion at the Extenze plant. He's been really selling the "dick-ens" out of those little blue pills (forgive the pun). No complaints from his female boss either. All those long nights of work with her have finally paid off, and she gave him the promotion AND a raise. I'm still not exactly sure why he had to buy her the diamond earings to show his appreciation, but he IS very sweet that way.

Little Timmy is currently on the honor roll in his 3rd grade class. We've finallly convinced him to stop eating the paste during arts and crafts. Ever since we started sending him to school with lunch money, however, he seems to be coming home even more hungry than before. I'm sure it's just a hungry spurt, because I know he's spending every last penny because he never even comes home with a dime of change. That cafeteria food must be a real treat..

Things haven't changed much for me this last year. I'm still working the drive-thru at the big McDonalds on Main Street. I'm next in line to be head cashier, and then it's only a matter of time before I get to be a shift leader.

As you can see, we're doing great things in the family this year. But I am looking forward to 2009 coming to an end. I'm hoping that you all get a little something special under your tree.

Merry Christmas!!!


Suzanne said...

I love it!

Merry Christmas from the schmoes that don't have anything to brag about most years...

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,great posting,Merry Christmas you you and your family.

Joyce-Anne said...

Merry Christmas! We always get one of "those" letters. I really appreciate this version.

Mrs. F said...

Hahahaha. Niiiiice! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Grandy said...

Suzanne~ I'm with you hun!!

Mike~ Thanks my bloggy friend!!

JA~ I figured you might.

Paloma~ It was memorable. ;)

Momisodes said...

Oh THOSE letters! I hated when my mother would read those to me about my cousins.

I should definitely go this route next year ;)

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!