Monday, November 23, 2009


A heavy word that carries more weight than anger or sadness.

We have all been faced with moments where our parents have said, "I'm not mad ... I'm just disappointed."

Some synonyms for disappointment are failure, defeat, frustration.

While learning about different personality types, Grandy has always fallen into the category of that upper right quadrant. It never fails what the test is, the quadrant is always the same: Energizer, Talker, "Yellow" (for the color of the quadrant, not my lack of courage).

Description: Stimulating, Enthusiastic, Gregarious, Impulsive, Emotional

Strengths: Communication, Motivation, Relationships, Creativity, Humor

One common thread in all these tests is that the "Energizer", "Talker", and "Yellow" quadrant hates to disappoint others. We rarely say NO. We suffer from a sincere desire to please EVERYONE.

Unfortunately, it's that fear of disappointment that forces Grandy to either take certain action, or decide not to take action in circumstances. When this post started a few weeks ago (I had to set it aside because I was in the midst of sincerely disappointing someone and it made me cry to think about it) it was all coming to a head for Grandy.

Thankfully, this week, Grandy is not working. She's relaxing, and taking time for herself. She was being faced with possibilities that she would not be able to take the whole week off, but didn't waver. When the president of her company sent her an appointment, she boldly (and diplomatically) declined and reminded him she would not be there.

Since Grandy has felt like nothing but a disappointment in many arenas lately, she's going to get back to basics and drill down. One of the areas where she's really failed lately is this blog. Not just this blog, but her lovely blogging community. As you can see, community and relationships are a big thing for Grandy. She's at a loss without you folks.

Grandy will be peaking in on all of you and catching up soon. But if you happen to stop by before she checks in, please tell me... What's new with you?


The Mother said...

I wasn't aware that the energized talker was a right upper quadrant phenomenon.

Makes sense, in an ancient humeral medicine kind of way, since that's where the liver is.

Been reading way too much history, haven't I?

Stop being disappointed in yourself. It's depressing.

Suzanne said...

Enjoy the week ahead. To quote one of the counselors in High School (who said this to everyone and then had it made into a banner that covered his office wall) YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

And I thought you were a blue-you seem like a nurturer. (Definitely not a red!)

Grandy said...

Mother~ I actually am not disappointed in myself... just running a round of disappointing others.

Suzanne~ Trace of blue...but some of the tests put me with a trace of red quadrant. Never too much.

Momisodes said...

I'm glad you have the week off. And please don't beat yourself up. You definitely need to put yourself first sometimes.

Joyce-Anne said...

Lady, you've been busy. Give yourself a break, please. We're here. And, we love you.

Meanwhile, I can barely keep up with the laundry and house cleaning due to the fact everytime I turn around I have another cold or laryngitis. That and PTA stuff keep me busy. Fun, fun over here.

Grandy said...

Sandy~ Yeah...THAT's something I'm good at. LOL!!

JA~ I wondered why it looked like it's been 3 weeks since you posted. You alright?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

As a person who doesn't like to disappoint others I've noticed that other people don't seem to mind disappointing me. Not bitter, just observing.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ I hope I'm not one of them!!