Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WTF Wednesday - Romance

When having a tough day, everyone should stop by The People of WalMart site.

Their whole site could be referred to as the "WTF" site. I know I get a giggle and feel a bit better about my life. Let's call it picture therapy. :)

Check out THIS picture of true love in the aisle of WalMart.

Sing it with me ladies, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT.LIKE.ME?"



Deanna said...

I'm gonna gain 4 pounds, so I can get this same outfit.

(I think every single one of the pictures on the People of Walmart site were taken at my Walmart...)

Joyce-Anne said...

Ahhh, love. "I love this edition of WTF Wednesday."

Wiggy said...

Thats terrible! I've nominated you for an award on my site Grandy :)

Grandy said...

Deanna~ I'm sure we can find at least one at all Walmarts.

Joyce-Anne~ Glad you like.

Wiggy~ Not really award worthy lately, but thank you. I'll go check it out.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Makes me all HOT!

dkuroiwa said...

"I'm too sexy for my shorts...too sexy for this shirt..."

I've been getting these pictures from friends....makes me miss "home"!! :-D