Friday, November 27, 2009

Grandy's Early Signs of Stupid Things

In trying to reconnect with some of her long lost blogging community, Grandy came across a great post over at The Junk Drawer. Kathy has a great way of sharing her silly moments, laughing at them, and making us all laugh with her. Hmmm...wonder why Grandy likes her?

Well recently she posted Careful Where You Stick That, which of course lured Grandy straight to reading. She talks about a silly thing she did while AT the doctor's office that caused her an injury. Then she challenged her readers to share a story of something stupid they did as kids that caused an injury.

Psssttt... Would now be a good time to let out my secret that Grandy STILL does stupid things that cause injuries?

For this "episode" Grandy was about 7 years old. Remember the times when your parents could leave and tell you to "stay inside" and it was just assumed that's what you did? These were the days before people like CPS would kick your ass ask questions for leaving two small children at home while Mom ran to the store "real quick".

The boy down the street, his name was Matt, came over and wanted to ride bikes. My twin told him we couldn't go outside, and Grandy of course said "PISHAW, let's do it!" We rode our bikes around in front of the house, in the street, and the whole time Twin is saying, "MOM SAID NOT TO".

Just as Grandy could spit out the words, "Mom will never know", IT happened. The front tire of my bike caught the curb just so and the wheel came to a screeching stop. Grandy goes FACE FIRST over the handle bars and into the pavement.

While laying on the ground, Grandy does a quick body check. Nothing broken. She sits up, and then it hits her. OH THE HEADACHE!! She touches her face, and realizes there is blood. No tears, just panic. "See ya Matt!" as Grandy sprints into the house to assess the damage. As she's always done, Twin picks up Grandy's bike and takes it to the garage, before coming in to assess the damage herself. Yep! It's complete road rash on the right side of the face. OUCH!! Now, with Mom coming home any time, we do our best to try to "mask" the damage. Twin does her best to help fix it. is where you ask would two 7 year old girls "fix" the fact that the top layer of the right side of my face is now gone? With a comb-over, of course. How else?

Grandy's hair at the time was cut in this cute little boyish cut, and she had more curls than Shirley Temple. So imagine how that worked out for us.

When Mom got home, we thought we would only show her the "left" side of my face. Imagine, walking sideways to Mom, greeting her with a hug like nothing happened. Yeah, that lasted seconds.

Needless to say, Grandy got a good spanking that night when Dad got home. Not sure what hurt more, the spanking or the time Grandy spent over Dad's knee waiting for the spanking. While hanging over Dad's knee, with all the blood rushing to my brain and face throbbing, he decided THEN would be a perfect opportunity to discuss how what I did was wrong, and how something more serious could have happened, blah.blah.blah. Just as the stars started appearing in my eyes, the ass beating blessing of the spanking finally came.

I don't remember much more after that but needless to say, when Mom says she used to make decisions about whether or not she would allow me to do things based on whether Twin was doing it with me...she had a valid point. She says she "questioned my judgment".

Gee... I wonder why?


Mariuca said...

LOL! Bet the spanking hurt Grandy but lessons learned in early life helps us be what we are today. Happy Saturday to you! :)

Joyce-Anne said...

I always blamed my sister. hehehehe

Suzanne said...

Pretty funny that you thought you'd get that one past Mom! Now that you're a mom yourself, you probably have radar for that stuff. :)

Jen said...

I love that a spanking was given after you had already injured yourself. Parenting was so different back in those days.

If I had a twin I would have tried to make her act as you so your parents didn't have to see your face. I always fantasized about having a twin just for those kinds of things.

Grandy said...

Mariuca~ Oh yeah...the spanking hurt.

JA~ I couldn't, it was usually obvious who was to blame.

Suzanne~ Amazing what we thought we could get away with...even more amazing when they try it with us! LOL!!

Jen~ We aren't identical...and Mom would have known that even more. ;)

Kathy said...

Oh, what a hellish story! Road rash! I love how you thought you could hide it from your mom. Hysterical!

Grandy said...

Kathy~ Judgement has rarely been a strong suit.