Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Craig's List Scammer~~~

Grandy wants you to know that she may have been born at night...but it wasn't LAST night.

When we posted Ty's dirt bike on Craig's List, we knew we were pretty new at trying to sell stuff online. But hey, people buy and sell stuff online all the time... We can do this.

When your first email, offering to buy the dirt bike came in without you seeing it, Grandy was first a little blinded by her joy at the thought of getting it sold. You asked for different pictures of the bike, and Grandy was thrilled to send them you you.

You came back with your offer, and Iwas even willing to overlook the fact that you offered $50 if I would pull it from Craig's List right away, and said you wanted to send a check. While trying to sound cordial, Grandy offered to let you keep that $50 in exchange for sending a Money Order.

While trying to make conversation with you in the email, and find out where you were from, I should have known the direction you were headed because you never got specific.

Another day goes by, and you send another email. Trust me, this is where you absolutely blew your scam...

There is something i think i must bring to your notice.After a reconciliation of my account,i discovered that somehow my partner must have over paid you.The payment that was meant for another transaction was sent to you and the one meant for you was sent to another,however i want to believe i wont have a problem with you. Please once you receive your payment,i will like you to deduct your money and send the remaining via western union to the manager of the shipping company that will help me with the pickup.


I'm not sure what turnip truck this putz thinks I fell off of, but the grammar alone should have given me a clue in the earlier emails.

So...he wanted me to deposit his check (which we all know would be a bad check) and return the extra money back to him. Really? WOW!!

Please folks! PLEASE tell me you haven't fallen for this. Grandy was close to falling for it, while blinded with everything going on, but finally woke up. It breaks my heart to think these people are successful even some of the time.





Wiggy said...

I suppose I'm lucky in the fact that I've not really sold anything online, so haven't come across these scammers, but they're becoming more and more clever in how they go about their business.

Joyce-Anne said...

Wow! I'm sure people would fall for that scam. Which is part of the reason, I don't buy anything off of Craig's List or Ebay. I just don't trust it/others.

Suzanne said...

Yep. Similar thing with my first Craig's list ad. I nipped that guy in the bud with "I'm not giving you my address, we can meet in person in public" when he wanted to OVERNIGHT his check.

Sad part is, two weeks later, I got a real buyer and I wasn't sure he was legit. Thankfully, he was and I sold artwork.

I don't know what it is about Craig's List-that's where my in laws got their 'oh so wonderful' handyman for FORTY bucks an hour. Going rate around here is 15 to 20...

Dory said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you didn't fall for it!

I haven't bought anything from Craig's List yet and I'm a little leery.

Momisodes said...

Wow. I'm so sorry this scammer and you crossed paths. It's sad these people are out there.

I check Craigslist daily and post items frequently as well. I hate that these kind of scammers exist.

dkuroiwa said...

and this is why i don't like doing "business" on e-bay or craig's list...i'm so naive when it comes to stuff like this...If I ever do this, i may send you see what you think!
you..are a good businesswoman!!

Staci said...

A lot of people have fallen for that scam but in the guise of an ad for mystery shoppers. (Same thing about depositing check & sending difference.) I have seen several news shows about it. Plus, my mother's company had their bank accounts used for the counterfeit checks. Unfortunately, there are still people who will fall for anything, and people out there who know it and exploit. Luckily, you saw the warning signs. I just wish everyone could.

Grandy said...

Thanks for your support everyone! :)

Mrs. F said...

Oh my gawd, Miz Grandy! Look what I have here:

Same, same!!