Monday, July 20, 2009

Grumpy Grandy

You know those days when you should just get back in bed? Well today Grandy realized before she even got out of bed that it was going to be one of those days.


Well in classic Grandy style, rather than sit here and mope about her day, she has decided to come online and bitch and moan share with you all some clues she's had throughout the day that maybe pointed out the fact that Grandy was in a foul mood.

Clue 1: When carpool friend asks you, as you're walking to her car, "What's the matter with you today Grumpy Grumperton from Grumpville?" - Was it THAT obvious?

Clue 2: Ladies...when you use the toilet seat protector in the restroom, Grandy is pretty certain that if you didn't want to plant your ass on the seat, we don't want to plant OURS on your seat protector. Here's a hint...flush it WITH your stuff. - Normally things like that don't bug Grandy.

Clue 3: Nasty Man calls weekly to yell at Grandy. TODAY...Grandy hung up on Nasty Man. - Oh yes she did!

Clue 4: One of the owners sends a special invitation to 9 people in the company for a special event on his boat. Grandy realizes she is the ONLY female in the group, and her first thought is not one of appreciation, but an image of Grandy entering into the lion's den.

Clue 5: Grandy is having a discussion with an attorney representing a crack whore plaintiff who has a history of tormenting my client and other tenants with threats of physical harm. While cutting the conversation painfully short, Grandy let it be known he would have his hands full with his client. - Normally Grandy tries to keep those things to herself, but when she got off the phone she couldn't help but feel bad for the guy.

Clue 6: Grandy had 6.3 people ask her if she was alright today. - Seriously? I tried to keep to myself and mind my own. Is that where I went wrong?

Yep! Grandy was in a bit of foul mood indeed.

Oh well. At least she can laugh about it...tomorrow.


NJDecorator said...

Understand perfectly and I would have just pulled the covers up. You are brave for venturing out...

The Mother said...

Vent away. And have a margarita on the way home.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Momma said there'd be days like that.

Hasta Pasta said...

Grumpy Grumperton from Grumpville?"

I love it, had to laugh. I filed that one in the rolodex in my mind, for future use.

I still love you!!

Joyce-Anne said...

My entire week last week was like that. So, I KNOW where you're coming from.

Grandy said...

Decorator~ I don't know if "brave" is the word.

Mother~ Yummm...Margarita!!

Jenn~ I've been singing that one for days.

Hasta~ I knew you'd like that! I'll be storing that one too.

Joyce-Anne~ UGH!! Bummer!!!