Thursday, July 23, 2009

Would Grandy Survive?

Last week Grandy got a call from her mother-in-law.

Her: Are you stuck at home or stuck in Sac?

Me: Stuck?!?

Her: There's a big fire on the road, and your road is closed.

Me: There is?!?

Her: (laughing) Yes! You can't get home.

Me: Good thing I'm going to the show with a friend.

Her: You're welcome to stay at my place, if you need to.

Me: Oh no, thank you. I will be FINE!!

This is what was happening when she called me. Because Grandy was not in the area, she had no idea of the magnitude. This thing burned through about 600 acres in a very short time, but the fire crews (as they always are) were AWESOME!!

Grandy was able to come home, but it was late and the area seemed eerily like driving straight into the depths of purgatory. The sky was completely red, the flames were huge, there were little fires along the side of the road, where the firefighters had tried to light fires to keep it back. I've got to admit, I was a little nervous driving on the road at 10:30 at night, with flames nearby, with her convertible.

NEVER a dull moment in Grandy-land. NEVER!!!!

Grandy obviously made it home, completely in awe of how quickly things can happen. It got her thinking... If Grandy was in one of those mass distruction videos where the volcano erupts, a meteor is crashing into the earth, or we were invaded by aliens...would Grandy be one that survives?

Now, if she were on the Titanic, she wouldn't have survived. She would have been down below with the real people, partying it up and dancing on the tables. She'd be giving the bird to the folks that locked us down there.

But as far as surviving these sort of things... probably... but not without several injuries along the way. THAT is the story of my life.



Mike Golch said...

thanks for reminding me how much I being out there.

The Mother said...

Wildfires are pretty common in my neck of the woods. You sort of get used to it. Still scary, though, when they get close to your house.

Momisodes said...

I hate wildfires. They happened all the time in San Diego when I lived there. They move so quick and the smoke is just horrific. Glad to hear you made it out alright.