Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WTF Wednesday - Swimming Up-Stream

Grandy can totally relate to this dog swimming up what she believes is up-stream.

We have a few minutes left in this WTF Wednesday. I would have been online sooner, but well... You know.

Grandy is definitely in some up-hill swim momentum at the moment. No real updates to provide, other than I will tell you I had a different understanding of the word "voluntary" before this week.

One definition appears to be - VOLUNTARY: Before we make it Mandatory.

Grandy definitely feels like this dog, swimming, while the world around her says, "stand up idiot!"


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! With any situation that makes you feel that way, the best you can do is always remind yourself that ... this too shall pass!!! :)

Joyce-Anne said...

You are a very strong and determined lady. You can get through this!

The Mother said...

Just say NO. Loudly, and with conviction. Then turn and hightail it away before anyone can complain.

Grandy said...

Anon~ Your response could be any number of my wonderful friends... Whether or not you decide to tell me, I thank you for the vote of confidence.

Joyce-Anne~ Thanks cutie!!

Mother~ That makes me think of a self-defense class I took a while back. ;)