Monday, July 6, 2009

Nice Parking Job!

During the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday season, with people flocking to the malls and shopping centers in droves, parking can be somewhat...problematic.

There have been times that Grandy has come out to her car and could not get into it because someone parked so dang close to her door that there would be no way to get the leg in. Grandy has literally had to climb over the passenger seat before. It is times like these, because Grandy already hates to shop, that truly makes the head want to EXPLODE. There have been occasions when a note has been left, or even some choice words have been exchanged with the person who parked the vehicle there.

Now, don't get me wrong, my parking skills are not one for the record books. There have been occasions where maybe I have a tire on the line, or had to make a 32 point turn to maneuver into a parallel parking spot. There was that one time I drove my then boyfriend's (now hubby) truck to the mall to pick up a gift, the parking lot was packed and Grandy saw a primo spot in front of a corvette. I pulled into the space with the lifted truck, and wondered how close I was to the corvette. With the truck in park I got out to check, because I really couldn't tell.


Yep! Grandy had parked over the corvette. There was absolutely no contact with the little car, but somehow I had parked far enough over it that half the hood was under the truck. YIKES!! You guessed it, Grandy backed out of the spot, checked the vette again for any possible scratches (not a one folks) and decided she would take the land yacht (aka pick-up) to the far end of the parking lot where there were no other cars.

Last week Grandy met a friend for dinner. If it weren't for the fact that this restaurant (on the outside of the mall) wasn't one of the best sushi places around, Grandy would not bother going there. But she was in a hurry, parked in the back, and there were about 20 open spaces all around her. Because she was in a hurry, Grandy didn't realize that her back tire was a little over the line of the next parking space. Besides, there seriously was about 20 open spaces around her!

Grandy had a good time at dinner with her friend, they walked around the massive bookstore inside, and she returned to her car a few hours later. As she approached, she could see something in the windshield. Oh was a note alright. The note read: Nice parking job a$$hole!! Learn how to f*c*ing park!!

Hahahaha!!!! There are still 20 open spaces around her, she's in the back of the parking lot, and there is no one else around. The thought that I made someone irate enough to stop and leave this note, by parking out in the middle of nowhere, and having my tire over the line, made me hysterical. I seriously got in the car and laughed so hard I had tears.

Grandy would like to thank the charming soul that left that note on her car. Truly thank that soul. For you see, before that note, I had been having a rough day, consoling a dear friend, and just having an overall difficult time putting things into perspective. That note reminded me, although Grandy may feel like she's going crazy sometimes, there are still people out there WAY worse off than she is.


Mike Golch said...

that is the way can park in a spot where tere are no cars and when you come out your are blocked in.

Joyce-Anne said...

It takes all kinds of people, doesn't it? I'm glad after the day you had - you were able to laugh at the "incident".

The Mother said...

I prefer to park far enough from everybody that it isn't an issue. It's also better exercise to walk farther.

Momisodes said...

I love the way you've spun it. It's so true. Some people really are way worse off (an have nothing else better to do).

Grandy said...

Mike~ Story of my life.

Joyce-Anne~ ALL KINDS!!

Mother~ It is good exercise!!

Sandy~ You know how I love to spin thins. :)

Wiggy said...

I always park miles away from everyone, and come back to the car to find i'm the only one within about 500 yards parked up :lol:

Glad you had a good hearty laugh at the note tho :D