Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grandy's a Little Off

Ok so Grandy has a bit going on in her life.

NO - She's not going back to the hospital. Who the heck wants to have to eat THIS again.

NO - She hasn't lost her job...despite her violent outbursts vivacious personality.

NO - It's not really anything she can speak of specifically, but she just wants to explain why maybe some of her posts bit more random than usual. Not sure exactly how that is possible, to be more random than usual, but okay.

Tell me readers...what's new with you?


Persnickety Ticker said...


Hmmm...not much going on with me lately, unless you call posing as a brothel for every randy germ on the planet that wants to party down and dirty on my immune system like it's the latest hot pastime.

Hope you get to feeling less random.

Mike Golch said...

don't know can't tell.

Joyce-Anne said...

I've long thought that hospitals were no place for sick people and the food does NOT help.

I'm feeling off lately too. As for me, well I run everyday. Not as in run for exercise, run as in chasing children and trying (ha ha) to keep up with the housework, husband and my part-time job.

The Mother said...

I've been enjoying them.

Tricia said...

That looks like a fantastic reason to stay away from the hospital!!

Hope you're feeling back on track soon and that all is well.

Mara said...

Blech. What's that?

Anyways, something new with me is that my greedy siblings has taken over my world and left me with no money and no job. :(

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I keep thinking I'll get a good night's sleep and something keeps getting in the way. Every night. Ugh.

Momisodes said...

Gah. I have no idea how you ever ate that. I'm sure you still have nightmares about it.

So sorry to hear that there's a lot on your plate. I'm here if you ever need. Hope everything works out soon.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to say that looks little bit like my cooking. Eep! :(

Grandy said...

Persnickety~ Thanks girl...Hope you're feeling done with that party on your immune system soon.

Mike~ Can you tell now?

Joyce-Anne~ You make me tired woman. ;)

Mother~ Thanks!!

Grandy said...

Tricia~ Thanks lady! That food is enough to stay away for a while.

Mara~ HUH?!? Are you alright?

Jenn~ Here's hoping you get sleep soon. A good night's sleep.

Sandy~ Can you believe the dietician said if the food is "shaped" like the food, it's better? WTF?!?

Wenday~ If that looks like your cooking, then I'm the one that's sorry. ;)

Mrs. F said...

WTF is that? It looks like it is can shaped. Pet food?