Friday, May 22, 2009

Signs Grandy is Ready for a LONG WEEKEND

When Grandy makes statements like these, it is probably safe to say that she is ready for a long weekend.

~~~Staff Meeting~~~

Administrator: It costs $.08 per page for printing on the color printer. We need to be more mindful of what gets printed, and whether it has to be in color. We have this new report we can run that tells us who is printing to which printer, and what is being printed.

Grandy: Does it tell you that I'm printing my resume?

Boss Lady: ::nervous laugh:: Now really, we are only doing this so we see who is printing the most since we're supposed to be paperless, for the most part.

Grandy: Okay...I'll say it...because you're all thinking it...HI BIG BROTHER!!

~~~Same Staff Meeting~~~

Boss Lady: We're now offering rewards depending on the size of the kudo given to the employees, so we want to encourage everyone to recognize extraordinary efforts by their co-workers.

Audacious Sales Guy: But what if we feel that, although we know they do a great job, that it is part of their job?

Grandy: Then it wouldn't kill you to say, "Thank you" for crying out loud.

**Note: Grandy felt like a schlep for saying that afterward because the boss lady later read a rather amazing written kudo from same audacious sales guy, about Grandy, for saving a client's business. For the record, though, it was saved 1 month ago and he had not ever said a word to me about it. Grandy doesn't need a kudo, but "Thank you" will get you far...for crying out loud.

~~~Introduction at my desk~~~

Marketing Lady: Grandy, I believe you've met Blah-Blah Lady from Who Cares Carrier? Grandy oversees the claims for our clients.

Blah-Blah Lady: Oh, well you wouldn't have any issues with our claims department, we're real strong in that arena.

Grandy: HA!!! Excuse me. ::walked away::

~~~3rd Call from Sales Guy in 1 hour...same guy...3 different issues~~~

Him: I guess it's my day to bother you.

Grandy: YAY ME!!

Yes folks...Grandy keeps chanting "Find my happy place! FIND MY HAPPY PLACE!!"

It's time for a long weekend.

Hope you all have a great one!!!!


Mike Golch said...

so far so good.I hope that you and your family have a great weekend as well.

The Mother said...

Every once in a while someone posts something that reminds me why I left the real world to stay home with my kids.

This is it.

Vixen said...

Happy loooong weekend to you! You deserve a good one.

Christina said...

Oh.My.God - I love that resume line!! You said it? really? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have a great weekend!

Suzanne said...

I love the resume crack!

Joyce-Anne said...

I can just see you saying "find my happy place, find my happy place." heehee

Grandy said...

Mike~ And you as well.

Mother~ Glad I could help!

Vixen~ Thanks toots!!

Christina~ Of course I did!! You know me by now.

Suzanne~ Teehee!

Joyce-Anne~ It's my current mantra.

Wiggy said...

Have had a mixed Bank Holiday weekend over the pond in the UK. Hope you've enjoyed your long weekend then