Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Stalker Spotlight - Suzanne Sez

This week's featured stalker is a great cook (I can tell by her pictures of her food) who should blog for the Food Network. She's been blogging for 3 1/2 years, and keeps a very crazy schedule with her husband Ed, her two boys and their activities, blogging and cooking . She found me back during my first NaBloPoMo of 2007, and we've been stalking each other ever since.

Readers, please allow me to introduce you to Suzanne. In my blog roll it says "So you don't get any phone calls from me...".

**Your Blog(s): I've got four, but one is private about my son's Aspergers (in case there's book material), one hasn't been tended to in a while and the other two are kept up. and, but they'll be moving to my own URL in the future.

**Why do you blog?: At first, it was to quell the complaints of "I never get to TALK to you since you moved." Then, I started getting the occasional comment from strangers and that was a rush. It is still a very personal blog in many respects.

**What does your blog say about you?: If there wasn't proof before, I think SuzanneSez is a blinking neon sign that I have ADHD. It's all over the place-food, music, family, travel and lots of pictures. Sometimes I throw in a meme and I always try to be funny (but fail most of the time.)

**What is your favorite thing about blogging?: That one post can evoke so much response. I wrote about losing my house a year ago and I still get emails from others going through the same thing. I wrote about being banned from a message board, and that post gets dozens of hits every week.

**What DON'T you like about blogging? Any blog types that turn you off of reading?: What I don't like about blogging is when I have no comments. Seriously, since doing NaBloPoMo, Holidailies and Blog365, I am used to at least one comment a day-even when the person says "I don't get this at all"-at least the person told me! Blog types that turn me off are the 'rock stars' who speak of blogging keeping them in touch with others, but they don't even have comments open on their posts.

**Do you comment?: Yes. Last year's resolution was to make at least 3 comments a day. I think I ended the year doing about 5 per day. So far this year, I'm averaging a lot more than that. Comments are what keep our community going.

**Does your blog personality match your offline personality?: I think it does! I'm a WYSIWYG girl in real life, and I think the blog is pretty much the same. A few of my IRL friends read you, too, I'm sure they'll have something to say about whether I'm really me, or a 70 year old man in a cabin in North Dakota.

**Does your family know you blog? Why / Why Not?: Except for a few siblings, everyone knows I blog. Even the kids propose blogging topics.

**Do they read your blog?: Yes. Ed comments in person, rather than online. Some other relatives read it (Hi, I see you on sitemeter and statcounter and I know you're there), but they never comment. My goofy brother in law comments by pinging me in Facebook chat, because I think he's afraid if people see his comments, we'll ALL be dragging him into blogging (he is one seriously funny dude!)

**How often do you blog?: At least once a day since November 1, 2007. It's such a habit that I'm scrambling to make sure a scheduled post works on Saturday while I'm camping.

At least once a day? For over a year? Really Suzanne?!? HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?

Thank you, sweet lady, for participating in my stalker survey and sharing a little bit more about you with my readers. Thank you for stalking me as much as you do. I share your sense of community about this whole blogging thing, and love this picture you put our there to your community here.


Suzanne said...

Thank you! It's good that stalking is considered a POSITIVE thing sometimes. :D

songbird's crazy world said...

suzanne got me into blogging this year and introduced me to the blogosphere. I love reading her blog.

Joyce-Anne said...

And to think I knew her when...

I'm one of the people who harassed her about not writing more... and I'm also guilty of not always writing a comment, but I think I'm excused from that since she and I talk nearly every day.

Vixen said...

I know Suzanne. She is awesome. I like this spotlight thing, Grandy. Keep up the excellent work!!

Momisodes said...

Another great feature! I love that her kids suggest blog posts :) That is awesome!

Grandy said...

Suzanne~ It is with me! ;)

Songbird~ Really? She introduced you? didn't know that!

Joyce-Anne~ You did know her when. Be sure to get her autograph.

Vixen~ Thanks lady!

Sandy~ I know! It's funny!!

Mrs. F said...

Great interview! I completely agree with what she said about commenting keeping the community going. So true!

Grandy said...

Paloma~ I agree!!