Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out of the Office

We've all gotten those kick-back messages via email:

Please be advised Grandy is out of the office. She will have only limited access to her email while she is out. If this is urgent, please direct your inquiry directly on to (insert awesome co-worker here).

On Friday I was in the zone at work. I had my MP3 player going, I was rocking out, and I was getting-it-done. It was a long 13-hour day, and it needed to happen. At about hour 10, Grandy started to lose focus (wonder why) and get silly.

I sent an email out to a claims adjuster. The kick-back response I got was this:

Please be advised that Mary is out of the office because she wasn't feeling very well! She is very sorry for this, but didn't foresee this problem. She hopes to be back in on Monday and will do her best to respond.


What was it really that Grandy read, and decided it would be very cool to put in her email?


Please be advised Grandy has decided she cannot take it any more. Her grey matter has exploded and she has decided to spew curse words all over, like vomit coming from a drunk. She is sorry she can't be here to respond to your senseless dribble, but promises to get right on top of it when she has finished the entire bottle come to her senses.

Now Grandy didn't really feel this way (exactly) but it definitely gave her something to giggle about and get her through those last 3 hours.

Hey...whatever it takes!!


Persnickety Ticker said...

This cracked me up! I needed that. I'm having a Monday on a Tuesday this morning.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Just as soon as you win the lottery you can do that for reals!

Mike Golch said...

like you said what ever it takes to make it throught a day. In my case it Hammered Dulcimer music.drinking is not an option for me.

Michele said...

You're soooooooo funny, Grandy!!! Love it--and you!! :-)


Suzanne said...

It would be wonderful if you could leave that on your outgoing emails, right?

Vixen said...

I would love, love, love to get an email like that! Totally would make my day worth working.

You so brighten my day!

Grandy said...

Persnickety~ Glad you could smile. :)

Jenn~ I gotta go buy that ticket.

Mike~ Yeah, it's fun.

Michele~ Thanks girly!!

Suzanne~ Someday...I will.

Vixen~ Thanks lady! How are the aprons??

Mrs. F said...

Buahahaha. You are a NUT! <3