Monday, March 16, 2009

My Newest Friend

It has happened.

I have conformed.

Facebook has taken over my life.

Many of you are there already.

I'm still trying to figure out about all those applications, but I'm so very excited to have discovered so many of my old friends.

High school friends, college friends, and even friends from some old shows I've worked on in my old theatre days.

I'm not overboard...yet.

Are you on board??

What do you like about it??


Persnickety Ticker said...

Welcome to CRACKBOOK!

Kiss your free time goodbye.

It will take over...then the shine will wan. (Hopefully. For some it doesn't.)

I went from never getting off of it to maybe checking it every other day.

It's a sucking vortex. Enjoy the swirly.

Matt Stratton said...

I've been using Facebook for a while (mostly we joined as soon as they let non-college folks do it, just to creep out our siblings where were still in school). Since then, I've found it to be a great tool to get back in touch with a lot of old school friends - and it's also the best way to keep up with all my family members around the world (they all use Facebook).

Heck, I even got my mom on it a month or two ago. And all my friends decided to "friend" her too. That was weird.

maggie said...

yey, try Pet Society, it's one of those great apps in facebook. but i warn you, it is highly addictive *grins*.

Deanna said...

I have more friends than my 16 year old son. Ha! (But that's just 'cuz he's grounded right now and I won't let him on FB.) I even have some of his friends on my list. Weird. I don't request them, they request me. Really weird. He thinks so too. He discovered a cousin he didn't know he had through a mutual friends' list, which was kinda cool.
I like that most of my family is on FB, so we can stay in touch with each other and reveal strange bits of trivia about each other to the world.
I try to keep people amused with my status updates. But I HATE all the app invites I get. Some of them are just stupid, some of the quizzes are full of grammatical errors and idiotic questions. They are a real time waster, so I usually just ignore them. But according to Dr. Phil, I'm a Vain, Self-Centered Leader. I did take that quiz. ;-)
CRACKBOOK? Persnickety, you're hilarious!

Mara said...

i am sooo on board! i'm online almost 24/7 which is freaky cos even though i leave my laptop at home, i still check my facebook via my blackberry. talk about obsession. haha!

Persnickety Ticker said...

To Mara: Oh yeah. Crackbook and Crackberries go hand in hand.

Example? I saw no less than 5 of the people sitting around me at the shuttle launch on their Crackberries checking their Crackbook. They couldn't be bothered with the whole blasting and the off and stuff. Not when there was a quiz, a survey and a new app to get to.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Funny Lady!

I'm very new on Facebook, and still very confused. Takes me a while to figure things out. But it looks like fun. And lovely Michele has already befriended me! Isn't she sweet? I hope to find some old school friends, but don't know yet how to accomplish that. Guess I have a lot to learn.

I'm sure you're doing great on there.



Matt Stratton said...

Not to toot my own horn, of course, but if you want some tips on how to use Facebook but keep certain things from being seen by, say, your family or your co-workers, check out my blog post on the topic.

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm soooo going to friend you. Although, be aware, I don't really "do" anything...I blame it on the lack of time with my kiddies.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I've been on Facebook for about two years now. I use it only for my friends and family. It can really take a lot of your free time. I had to control myself and set limits. Now I only update once in a while, or I'll get sucked back in. said...

I, too, have been on Facebook since they opened it up to non-college students. I'm also very active on Twitter and have the two linked.

I'm also using Networked Blogs which links nicely with Facebook. You can follow my blog through Networked Blogs and Facebook here.

Matt Stratton said... - +1 for NetworkedBlogs. I use that too. I'm not terribly sure how much my friends get out of it (doesn't seem like it feeds into the main feed or anything) but it was a good way to let a lot of the people I'm friends with on FB know about my blog in the first place.

I also find that by using the Share feature of Facebook when I have new and interesting posts, I get a lot of traffic that way. Good traffic, even - as in, people who want to read my stuff!

Suzanne said...

I love it!

My goal is to kidnap everyone I know, mwah haa haa haaa!

It's gotten me back in touch with people I lamented losing in my life.

Christina said...

Count me in :-) Though I feel like such an old timer as I have been on FaceBook since 2006 and on Twitter since 2007 - suddenly they explode! IOW - I have already made it through the addiction phase and now have it as a more normal slice of my life. No apps allowed - NONE! Total time suckers. But I have loved loved loved re-connecting with friends from all walks of my life.

Grandy said...

Persnickety~ Swirly whirly... got it! :)

Matt~ I bet that was weird.

Maggie~ Pet society? I think I have an invite for that. There are about 50 requests in there.

Deanna~ You aren't Matt's mom, are you? His friends friended his mom too. ;)

Mara~ Put your hands above your head and step away from the computer. :)

Grandy said...

Persnickety~ That IS sick. Is that what people are obsessed with??

Renie~ RIGHT ON!! You're on there?

Matt~ Will be doing my research on that one for sure. ;)

Joyce-Anne~ Friend me... I dare ya! :)

Maria~ Sounds like you have control over it...rather than it controlling you. Good for you!

Grandy said...

Orient~ I don't really use my facebook to network my blogs. I have the blogs there...but that's about it.

Matt~ People who WANT to read is the best traffic to have. :D

Suzanne~ Oh I've been kidnapped a couple times...but I keep escaping.

Christina~ That's the part I LOVE LOVE LOVE about it too!!

Mama Mary said...

It's so addicting!I love re-connecting with old friends. I don't love being reminded of my jr. high crush who was my best friend's brother. He "Ignored" my friend request. Whatever! :-)

Mike Foster said...

Facebook is easy to navigate and fun. As a social network, it is better than most. Welcome (and add me as a friend, if you like).

Social Networking Blues


Grandy said...

Mama Mary~ WHATEVER is RIGHT!!! UGH!!

Mike~ Thanks so much! I've seen a couple of your blogs and could learn something from you I'm sure. ;)

Momisodes said...

LOL. Welcome to the dark side.

It really is like black hole.

Mrs. F said...

Ohhh, I love Facebook so much more than myspace. I am going to go add you to my friends right now. Yay!!!!

Grandy said...

Sandy~ I tell ya!!

Paloma~ YAY!! I was never on MySpace anyway. :)