Monday, March 23, 2009

Because I Couldn't Resist

My sister-in-law sent this to me in my email.

I don't normally post political stuff on here but couldn't resist sharing this one with you all.

Happy Monday everybody!!


Joyce-Anne said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to get political either but I think it hits the nail right on the head.

Momisodes said...


I'd say it fits like a glove ;)

Tricia said...

This is hilarious!

Mrs. F said...

Haha, that is the cutest condom I have ever seen!

The Mother said...

At least we have a president who believes in contraception. Which might explain the new logo.

Our last pres tried to BAN condoms, didn't he?

Judy said...

Couldn't agree more! I've had this posted on my refrigerator for 2 years and it's never been more accurate than now!

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Yep!

Sandy~ A rubber glove to boot!! ;)

Tricia~ :)

Paloma~ Almost makes you want to own one as a pet, huh?

Mother~ HA!

Judy~ Really? The pic is 2 years old?