Monday, March 30, 2009

OTS Season - Ready or Not

While many rugged men out there have their Duck Season, Dear Season, Wabbit Season, Duck Season (oh you know how that ends) we women have our OTS Season.

Ladies, you may not recognize it as anything more than "Open-Toed-Shoe Season".

For those of you still experiencing significant snowfall I must say it sucks to be you apologize if you do not yet find yourselves preparing for this annual event. Here in California, the sun is shining. It's still a bit chilly, but OTS in the air. I see the women going into the salons by the droves, in preparation for opening day of OTS Season.

The ritual for OTS is the lovely pedicure. Women are mindlessly programmed that they should not go out in public, in open toed shoes, without having the toenails painted. Before you knew it, you could not drive by a strip mall of any kind without finding at least one Starbucks manicure/pedicure place.

When Grandy was a Fatty McFat-Fat on the heavier side, she had made it a regular habit to get a pedicure. She told herself it was because she loved to be pampered, and worked really hard, so she deserved it. The real reason was that she was too flipping fat to be able to paint her own dang toes.

Now that Grandy is in a healthier place, and since she is making a commitment to pay better attention to where her money goes, she has decided that she must take matters into her own hands and have a DIY Pedicure.

Granted the DIY Pedicure is lacking a few of the perks that comes with the spa pedicure, like soaking your feet in the warm bubbly water, the massage chairs, and the wonderful foot massage. There are some other benefits to the DIY, like being able to do it while watching TV, no tickling of your feet with the dang stone thing (I have to promise each time I won't kick them in the head) and of course the cost.

So...without further adoo...Here is Grandy's before pic:

~~~Forgive me ladies, for I have sinned. It has been more than 60 days since my last pedicure. ~~~

And now the DIY job: I'll get the polish cleaned OFF the TOES later. It still saved me $25!

What are you doing to prepare for the sunshine and the good weather? To prepare for it now, will help get you out of the winter doldrums!!!


Momisodes said...

You have the cutest feet! So jealous. I think you did a fabulous job!

You'll be styling for OTS.

p.s. That stone thing always gets me too. I always end up burying my face in a magazine giggling :)

Anonymous said...

"Women are trained that they should not go out in public, in open toed shoes, without having the toenails painted."

I must have missed that lesson because I have never had a pedicure (and don't plan on having one) ... and yet I'll be walking out the door in moments, unpolished toes and all, in OTS -- what kind of a freak am I?!! lol

Your toes look great btw!!

Grandy said...

Momisodes~ Me TOO!!

Anon~ YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I have corrected it. I didn't have my first pedi until I was 30, so I apparantly missed that day too. It was more of a social thing. Thanks for pointing out my silliness, and for the compliment on my feet. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Here in SoCal it is OTS season all year long--so I have been a practicioner of the diy pedicure for a long time. I usually do a professional pedicure twice a year--once to kick the summer off or right before vacation and once just before the Christmas party season--I've got to have the holly berries for the season!

Hasta pasta. said...

I love OTS season glad we now have a name for it. Love IT!! anyhow I already wore my OT's this weekend, love to be out of those stuffy socks.

As for the pedicures I need to get more myself. But with my daughter I have discovered I can paint her nails and draw on them with a toothpick dipped in nail polish. Yes it can be done. I only do nails because she likes it, not necessiarly me.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Makes me wish I had toenails to paint...::sad sigh::

Joyce-Anne said...

I really don't like anyone touching my feet--I'm so ticklish. You did a great job on your DIY Pedi. I usually wait until I HAVE to then I do my own toes, but maybe I should bump it up a few weeks, it might improve my mood.

Deanna said...

My toes are weird. (Not unlike the rest of me) Nail polish makes them hurt, I have NO idea why! So on the rare occasion that I wear it, (Which is only when I'm feeling really ambitious, because I can't imagine paying money to satisfy somebody's foot fetish - and honestly, touching feet is just weird, so it's GOT to be a fantasy thing!?!) I have to take it off within a day or two, or my toenails just plain hurt.
I'm just happy it's flip flop weather, almost. I hate wearing shoes!

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I was just happy that I could stop wearing my boots. I think we're still about 2 months away from OTS. I definitely would need a pedicure. I need professionals to try to make my feet look normal.

Christina said...

This will seem nuts, but even living in San Diego, I don't have my toes done year 'round ;-) My feet get too cold and working in an office where open toed shoes are frowned upon, there is really no point until it is plenty warm enough. Not to worry - though they may not be painted they are always nicely cleaned and cropped! And you are right, it is time. I'll put it on my calendar for Sat morning.

April said...

I wore my flip flops for the first time this season! In Connecticut! And it's only like sixty degrees! Anxious, much? LOL I admit I did NOT have a pedi yet but I was thinking of going on my lunch break today! I normally can do them myself but now my belly gets in the way. LOL

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

I LOVE pedicures and I LOVE wearing flip flops all year long - & I live in Virginia - so we have fairly mild winters, but I still get a few funny looks when I'm in Fresh Market with my flip flops on - ha!

Grandy said...

Jenn~ I know it is ALWAYS OTS there. SO JEALOUS!!

Rivera~ You like my nickname for it?

Persnickety~ ::Sharing your sigh::

Joyce-Ann~ IT WILL! Try it!!

Grandy said...

Deanna~ Ummm... HOW?

Maria~ That's why they are the professionals...that's for sure. ;)

Christina~ Damn accountants!!

April~ You have the PERFECT excuse!!

Ollie~ You are a hard core flip flopper. :)

Tricia said...

Your toes look great. You're much better at the DIY thing than I am.

I miss open toed shoes. I've had to start wearing orthodics, and finding anything they fit in is virtually impossible.

Grandy said...

Tricia~ Ah MAN!! I feel for ya!!

Mrs. F said...

OTS goes hand in hand with NPS (new purse season) for me. Every April I feel the itch for a new purse and this year I think I am going to spoil myself and get my first purse that costs more than $25 (but still less than $125). I will then be packaging it up and tying a bow around it as a gift from the kids for mother's day. I need some OTS's to go with said purse.